Serve Yourself Some Decadence at the New N’ice Cream

It’s hot.  Still!  And the kids would really like a serve yourself spot, where they can load up on all their fave toppings.  But if you’re going to splurge, you’d rather go for a dollop of decadent gelato. Well, thanks to the new Playa Vista outpost of N’ice Cream, you can have it all. Fresh ingredients in both gelato and baked toppings (red velvet cake and blondie bars) have met up with every kid’s favorite way to fashion fro-yo, and those unseasonably warm winter days now have a new treat that keeps everyone happy.


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A Denmark Above
Clearly, if a company is going to start up a self serve style frozen dessert dwelling, it’s got to rise above the hundreds of others who got there first.  That’s why when this Denmark import decided to put their homemade organic gelato on tap; they knew they’d not only be cornering the market, they’d be creating it. 


Because Froyo and Gelato Are Not the Same Thing
Obviously! Gelato is richer, thicker, much more intensely (and non-fakely) flavored.  So it wins, hands down. And the N’ice Cream brand takes it oh so much further with flavors (usually 8 different ones, plus 1-2 vegan options) that are all made fresh, using ingredients we use (or mean to) at home.  Spread the Love Peanut Butter.  Madagascar vanilla.  Rockview Farms dairy, oh and those toppings good enough to eat on their own?  Those are from Cake Monkey. Even kids will admit it beats crushed Hydrox and stale gummies.


Whole Lot of Shopping Going On
Need to keep the young ‘uns occupied while you swoop up those absolute musts at Whole Foods?  Conveniently, the new N’ice Cream is located right next door.  So long, shopping protests.  Behold the antidote to anti-shopping showdowns.  The outside fountain is a fabulous diversion to boot, (one of multiple water features) that lights up at night and everything.  Dessert, errands and a light show?  Done.

Boon for Beachsiders
Playa denizens will naturally drift towards this Denmark import, who chose Venice as both their first and second outposts (both are non-serve yourself spots).  But the retail spread itself at their carefully selected third is inherently fun (if not a bit Grove reminiscent), as it is part of Runway Playa Vista.  Outdoor seating, indoor Adirondacks, a Starbucks here and plenty of family friendly places to eat there.  And now dessert’s a done deal.   


Seasonal Spice and Everything N’ice
Given that it’s all homemade fresh each morning, expect a regular turnaround of flavors featuring a seasonal shift.  With cake batter to caramel latte, white chocolate to berries n cream, right now everyone goes bananas over the Pumpkin Spice.  Which only got us all the more psyched for all the peppermints and gingerbread inspired flavors we just know are around the calendar.  Because it’s been too hot for the seasonal flavored coffees that usually indicate the turn of the season.


Weight A Minute
While it may be a model they’re familiar with, best to mind the monkeys as they self serve the gourmet goods.  It’s a prettier penny per ounce, but since the contents are so much richer than that which they’re used to pumping, they’ll need a lot less.  Tend to the tap at this particular outpost, just until they get the hang of things. Because while there’s more bang for each bite, kids don’t really recognize this, and you don’t want your gelato bill to rival your mortgage.  (That can easily happen here.  Seriously, just monitor how much the kids serve up!)


Park City
Seemingly endless parking—what a treat.  A massive and free parking structure lines The Runway.  Not only is your treat run quick, it’s also tasty (and happily, neon and chemical free).

N’ice Cream
12746 West Jefferson Blvd.
Playa Vista
Online on Facebook: nicecreamusa.comw

What’s your favorite serve yourself spot in town? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

—written and photographed by Jolie Loeb


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