Oh, The Places You (Should) Go!

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One of the best thing about LA in the summer is that there’s so much to do with kids.  In fact, there’s almost too much to do.  It’s practically impossible to prioritize when everything is this much fun. We went to the experts (our staff) to get the scoop on what their family looks forward to year after year to create a “must-do” short list for summer. Ladies and gentlemen, start your summer!

Sanitation Yard Open House

“On my list every year is to attend at least one of the City of LA Sanitation Yard Open Houses. It’s a great free event for the little ones who are into the garbage trucks and street sweepers! The have them all over the city.”
Emi Ruzzin, Writer
Online: lacitysan.org

What are you personal picks for best of summer?  What family traditions does your family anticipate each year?  Let us know in the comment section!