Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner: The Burger Lounge

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Heads up kids!  A new burger joint!  In Los Angeles!
We know.  Even our kids know.  Like a hole in the head this town needs a new place to get a burger.  But bear with us.  We’re on your side here. And there’s a reason we’re into this place…

Burger Lounge?  Isn’t that a chain?
Traditionally we’re not all that charmed by them either.  But something is happening here, and it’s totally family fabulous.  They’ve got this eco-conscious culture afloat, 100% grass-fed, all ingredients sourced from sustainable environments, so if we’re going to go burger on the fly, this is the way to do it.  And face it.  Kids will always love burgers.  It’s in their DNA.  Here’s a way to get them their fix without betraying everything we’re teaching them the rest of the time.  Behold, Burger Lounge.  The antidote to hypocritical fast fooding.


Kid got a thing for chicken tenders?  Go for it.
Panko crusted and all chicken breast.  No questionable chicken parts or options to buy them by the 20.  They want to dip in ranch?  Have at it.  It’s organic and made in-house, just like the BBQ sauce, Thousand Island, and all the salad dressings.  Notice something different about the taste?  That’s absence of preservatives.  Tastes good.

Vegetarians!  You have a voice!
No consolatory side salad spoken here.  In the continuing trend of “moms needn’t suffer in the name of appeasing the kids” (wait till we get to the part about the wine!), the grown-up options are produce rich and altogether too good to be classified under the fast food banner.  Had one too many hockey pucks masquerading as veggie burgers?  (Seriously.  It’s insulting.)  Take a bite of their house made organic quinoa, brown rice, zucchini, garbanzo, carrot, corn, and chipotle burger.  Or better yet, have your young ‘uns take a bite.  A burger with a vegetable name can get them to eat their veggies.

We also love the option to throw a patty (the turkey burger’s no slouch either – all that basil) on a salad.  Without the bun, it’s still a salad.  We subscribe.


And that organic quinoa salad…
Finally.  A laundry list of ingredients worth celebrating at a fast food restaurant.  And none of them end in xythum or some weird gum product.  Raise a glass.


Speaking of which.  You can. 
The “sodas” are Maine Root, caffeine free and sweetened with just the good stuff: certified organic cane juice.  And a more than welcome addition to the casual burger scene; premium wine &, local craft beers.  Take your time, kids.  Mommy’s got her Pinot.  We’re good here.


Big brownie points…
Going out to the caramel sea salted chocolate brownie.  It’s not vegan.  It’s not low in calories.  But by God, is it good.


All right, so where is this place?
Ah, the beauty of the chain.  Where isn’t it?  Peppering the Los Angeles and San Diego scene, they just launched their ninth location in Santa Monica down by the Promenade. You can get your bite on on Beverly Drive, or burger by the beach with Brentwood and Del Mar openings coming soon.  Good news travels fast.  Apparently, so do good meals.


Burger Lounge
Multiple locations, check the website for locations, hours and menus.

We know – there are a million (approx.) places to grab a great (and unique) burger in LA.  What’s your favorite?

Written and photographed by Jolie Loeb