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Snacking just got civilized.  It began in Brentwood.  Perhaps you noticed in as you innocently made your way to a grown up date night at Tavern.  You stop, sidetracked and captivated by a most wondrously taunting thoroughfare: all these mountains of bodacious baked goods, treats, and tantalizing temptations.  But you were on your way to dinner.  And  your little treat-enhalers were tucked in for the night. It was all-wrong.  Stop, rewind, hit pause.  The Larder always felt like it was a destination in its own right. Finally, at Burton Way, it is.

What makes the hour so happy? 
So it’s late in the afternoon, kids are cranky, and everybody’s jonesin’ for a snack. Starbucks is sounding ho-hum and suddenly you’re feeling less latte, more Loire Valley.  No, actually, it’s a cappuccino that’s calling.  No, wait, it’s Cabernet.  These are very stressful decisions, so here’s what we love: snacking and sipping have found a civilized home, and, get this: it welcomes children.  The wine list at The Larder at Burton Way is as seductive as their home baked nutter butters (which, btw, are outstanding).  And the fact that your servers will ask if anyone has any allergies before plating these baked delicacies was a beautiful bonus.  Savvy in gastronomy and tree nut issues.  Dig it.

You’ll have what they’re having.
For the kids, monkey bread’s the name of the game.  It’s some sort of buttery cinnamon pull-apart baked muffin.  Get two, unless your kid is cool with you commandeering theirs.  In which case stop eating and go get that kid bronzed.

And also the Larder Vegan Cobb
With a side of applesauce crushers, please.  What’s the only thing that can make a sublime marketplace café more appealing to a mom?  Have it connected to a Trader Joe’s.  It is.  The shared lot offers free one hour parking with a validation.  And as soon as you step in the door, you’re feeling validated already.

Too many times, that dreaded feeling…
Does the bottom of your coffee cup come way too soon?  Coffee refills provided.  Star-buck that trend, baby.

Prefer the patio?
Theirs is an unexpectedly nice one, and an al fresco option is always appreciated.  This one is pretty much always lined with dogs.  When sitting inside, this amounts to infinite window watching for the young ones. No clue how much that doggie is outside the window.  But keep guessing while mommy is enjoying something in an oatmeal raisin.

You’ll be back.
Once it might be for the farro salad (you’ll try to replicate it, but your versions will never taste like this), next for the strawberry scone paired with Equator coffee (all hail the boutique brew), and then once more for your monkey’s quest for their aptly named bread.  The savory options are just as sumptuous as their baked beauties, and their epicurean market can fill your fancy food quota easily.  It’s one stop snacking, shopping, sipping, and sconing – breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, take away, and none of which require a sitter.  Long live the ever-luscious Larder.  Gourmet grazing, finally, monkey friendly.

The Larder at Burton Way
8500 Burton Way
Los Angeles, Ca
Phone: 310-278-8060
Online: larderatburtonway.com

Where do you go that you can get a gourmet meal, yet also feed your little monkey?

Written and photographed by Jolie Loeb

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