Throw a Pirate Themed Birthday Party in Los Angeles

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With the re-vamping of Disney’s Pirate’s of the Caribbean, Pirates are everywhere. DoesPhoto Found Via Flickr your kid crave the wide open seas? Are they vigilantly on the look-out for buried treasure? Do they keep bugging you for a pet parrot? Hopefully these Pirate Birthday Party ideas will satisfy their need for the rough and tumble of a pirate’s life.

Pirate Entertainers
In Los Angeles there are a good variety of party entertainers, all offering their own twist on this arrrr-some birthday party theme. With so many options, your kiddo’s birthday party can happen in a park, or in your backyard, giving you location and time flexibility.

Pirates for Parties
This is a nationwide company staffing Jack Sparrow look-a-likes.They have performers trained specifically for birthday parties for kids of all ages. These pirates can be calm or playful, depending on your kiddo’s age group and some even come with parrots!

Parrots for Parties
Parrots for Parties is a staffing agency for animal entertainers, most involving parrots and some offering Jack Sparrow look-a-likes. Some parrots do tricks, some are silly and others are guaranteed to make your kiddo hAR hAR! Ahoy me matey.

Sharpo Family Entertainment
Sharpo is another great resource for booking your very own pirate! These pirates aren’t scary, they’re silly! They also facilitate group activities with all of your birthday guests, having the kids take the pirate’s pledge and conducting a magic show.

Create A Kid’s Party
Create a Kid’s Party is a great resource to have in your back pocket. They have tons of characters to hire for any kind of birthday party theme you could think of, including Pirates, of course. These pirates come armed with face painting, games, toy balloons, a treasure hunt, and a magic show.

Party Supplies
What’s a good Pirate Party without the perfect party supplies to match your theme? And we’re not talking just plates – pirate ship cut-outs, cupcake toppers, pirate accessories to go in your party guest’s booty bags. You want it, this list of party supply stores have it.

Joker Supply
Joker Supply has tons of Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean inspired loot! They’re also a great place to rent any tables, chairs, or balloons you may need to make the day extra festive.
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Los Angeles, Ca

Celebrity Party Planners
Everyone needs a great resource for stress-free birthday parties. Celebrity Party Planners have so much more than just napkins and paper plates. They’ve got you covered with the bounce house, the props, the balloons, and even the entertainers if you’d like. Plus, they set it up and take it away. Genius.

All The Extras
What turns a good themed party into a great themed party is really the extra little touches. These can be hard to come up with in the busy birthday planning phase, which is why we’ve done the thinking for you.

Check out this incredibly easy and genius idea for pirate birthday invites. What’s better than a message in a bottle to drive your theme home and get little party goers extra excited about the festivities to come?

For all the parents who love to bake and DIY, check out this way cool Pirate Ship Birthday Cake you can pull together with items lying around the house. With birthday candles sticking out of the cannons on the side, and a pile of malt balls as cannon balls on top, this cake is guaranteed to impress.

And For All of Our Little Adventurers Out There…
If a backyard, magic trick and face painting Pirate Birthday party isn’t what you’re looking for, but you’d still like to sail the seas with your kiddo for their birthday, don’t forget about Los Angeles’ abundant whale watching excursions. With a Pirate hat and a plastic sward your little one will be good to go.

Have any pirate themed party tips and tricks? Please leave us a note in comments!

— Lauren Dupuis