Playborhood Tip #2: Throw Kid Parties at Your Home

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More and more parents are throwing children’s parties at a jumpy house place or a kids’ gym or a public park miles away from their homes.

What’s wrong with our homes? Our Yards? Our neighborhoods?

Does it matter that we’re passing the most significant moments of our lives at places we don’t care about? Places we have no emotional connection to? I believe it does. Big time. Every time you hold an event at your home, you leave some memories there. You might add a physical artifact for the event like a framed photograph or a wreath.

Of course, it’s entirely possible for you to have parties at various outside venues, but then these venues would be mere settings, mere backdrops. However, if you hold these events at your home, yard, or neighborhood, these memories accumulate over time to form a rich tapestry. Your home becomes one of the characters in the theater of your life.

Please check out this article on parties at home for more thoughts and information.  Also, see how my wife and I have transformed our front and back yard into a neighborhood hangout and great party venue here.

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