Top Five Picks For Fabulous Father’s Day Giving

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The suggestions are in and here are our top five picks for reader favorite Father’s Day gift ideas.

1.This year I am putting together a slide show of uploaded pics of the kids with Daddy beginning with him first holding my daughter in the hospital. So far it’s 3 songs long starting with “Angel” by Jack Johnson. – Jamie M.,  San Francisco

2. The girls are each giving Dad a children’s book that he can read to them at bedtime (or whenever). Titles are “Daddy’s Girl”, “Because Your Daddy Loves You”, & “What Dads Can’t Do” (i.e., Dads can’t cross the road w/o holding hands.) Simple but (hopefully) sweet. -Carolyn C., San Francisco

3. Our 2 yr old barfed all over the inside of my husband’s car yesterday. The interior was already covered in dog hair and spilled kid snacks, now with barf added to the mix, I’ve decided to have his car professionally cleaned and detailed for Father’s Day. Maybe I”ll get mine done too! -Katherine M., Seattle

4. Some moms and I were talking about heading to the beach and giving our hubby’s some surf time while we have some breakfast on the beach. I also took the babies to the Paint Lab in Santa Monica and we made some paintings for dad and both grandpas. My daughter even put a foot print in the corner to make her contribution. What gift beats fridge art? -Cheryl S., Los Angeles

5. We are giving my husband fencing lesson to remind him that even though he is a dad, he can still have time to take on new interests and learn new things.  -Amy M., San Francisco

A big thank you to all of our readers who submitted their ideas. This year should be a snap with so many great things to spark some creativity.

-Drea Lester