Stop the Presses: The New Waldorf Is Kid Friendly, Seriously!

Celebs, agents, executives and…kids? We found the most unexpected spot in town to take your kiddo on a day date! The Rooftop by JG at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills is the hot new place you’ve been eyeing, but assumed was way too fancy for family. But this elegant joint is surprisingly kid friendly: little ones rub elbows with staff and color while you sit back and enjoy the views. With an amazing kid’s menu and service fit for royalty, you’re in for an unbelievable experience.  Scroll down to find out why this new spot is perfect for a family treat.

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The Legend, the Legacy: Is It All That?
It’s all that and a bag by Hermès. The original Waldorf Astoria New York is legendary for its luxury, style and elegance. Simply put: it’s in a class of its own. Not only does the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills live up to the legacy, but it also refreshes and surpasses it. From the moment you valet your car, to the second you arrive at your table, each staff member welcomes your whole family (little ones included and especially!) with warmth and sincerity. The impeccable design and ambiance in the hotel is a sight to marvel, but what will truly blow your socks off, is the rooftop—the spacious and airy dining deck offers views of the city unlike any other. And that’s where we’re headed.

The Rooptop By JG
When you reach the rooftop, take a quick gander at the swanky pool but don’t get too close, it’s open to hotel guests only. From there, take baby steps to the host’s podium at the upstairs restaurant: The Rooftop By JG.  Along the way, bask in the glory of this beautiful city. Little ones treat the deck like a raceway and run along, but up here, anything goes.  Before they zip off too far, invite them to stop and admire the gorgeous wildflowers that line the deck.  After you check-in with the host, try and take as many photos as your kiddo will tolerate (holiday card pre-planning!).

LA Babies Get Red Carpet Treatment
Moments later you’ll be whisked away to your table as the staff roll out the red carpet. An activity book, crayons and a highchair (if needed) await your child. And before you know it, a delicious bread basket with a few different tapenades (be sure to ask which one is mild) arrives at your table. Kids are preoccupied with coloring and parents are preoccupied with peace.

While some kid’s meals at restaurants taste like under-seasoned and overcooked afterthoughts, the food on this children’s menu is elevated and downright good. In fact, the children’s portions are big enough to share (which helps you swallow those prices) and the incredibly tasty chicken tenders, mac & cheese, sliders and more will have you sneaking bites. The adult menu features light dishes meant for sharing, like salads, tacos and a lobster burger, plus a few vegetarian and vegan options. Of these options everything is good, but the tuna tartare is a must, it’s fresh, vibrant and bursting with flavor. And make sure to save room for dessert, kids can’t get enough of the hot fudge sundae.

Sticker Shock?
It’s a brand new, 5-star, Beverly Hills hotel restaurant.  Any combination of those words can make the prices soar, but but them all together and the bill is a bit of a doozy.  That said, it’s actually in keeping with other local prices and the big difference is: this place is worth it.  So yes, the kids meals range from $12-$18.  On the adult menu, appetizers are in the $16-$22 range and mains are more in the $30s.  But the big kid portions and sharability can keep your sticker shock in check.  And while the food is fresh and very tasty, you’re really paying for the views, service and experience; so if you’re looking for a special occasion outing, this one fits the bill for everyone from baby on up!

Date Night, Family Brunch or Mom’s Club Meeting
Put on something snazzy and make it a date! Or call up your bestie with a baby and treat yourselves to the ladies who lunch experience, one where you can bring the kids. Just plan ahead by reserving a table and requesting a high chair (if you need one). While the restaurant (and all day menu) are open from noon to midnight daily, we highly recommend off-peak-hours to give kiddos a chance to roam and enjoy the space—2:30-5 p.m. is the prime window to go for a more leisurely meal. Afterall, kids aren’t there to be seen; they’re there to do the seeing!

photo: Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

The Rooftop by JG
Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills
9850 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills

What’s your favorite swanky joint that welcomes kids? We’d love to hear about it in the comment section!

—written and photographed by Janelle Connors


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