The Buzz is Spreading in San Diego: Stephanie Aubuchon

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Counting calories and not colors is the mantra behind Stephanie Aubuchon’s Bee Green Meals.  Believing that we can transform bodies from the inside-out, Stephanie founded a company dedicated to delicious, home-delivered, farm-to-table meals that are not only organic and nutritionally-balanced, but meet the needs of busy moms trying to balance work, family and a healthy lifestyle.

Red Tricycle: You’re part of a group of moms that are on a serious mission.  What’s yours?
SA:  It’s really about helping individuals and families find health through our easy meal delivery program.  When I learned the importance of food and the difference it makes in the human body, I began adding convenience to my clients’ lives by providing the healthy Bee Green Meals for home delivery.

RT:  Home-cooked meals delivered to your door!  What inspired you to start?
SA:  I dually manage Bee Green Meals and my wellness studio, The Taranco Wellness Center.  Together, I help our clients balance their busy schedules, which includes having healthy meals delivered to them. So we help them lose weight, get off prescription meds, improve their sleep and energy.  When my clients feel good, they’re happy – and I’m driven to keep those smiles, one meal at a time.

RT:  So are you one of those lucky moms who have their kids eating all their veggies?
SA:  Actually, my three kids, ages 6, 4 and 1 are the “taste testers” of our meals!  My eldest wrote about our Spinach Pie in his journal that was then shared with his class, and I had all the parents asking me about this “famous” pie!  He was even telling them to go to “” to order online.  He’s quite the little businessman!

RT:  I’m sure there’s been some fun cooking in the kitchen!
SA:  Other parents tell me that my older ones often tell their friends and teachers that they shouldn’t eat something because it is not healthy!  Our message is clearly sinking in—so they are sharing what they hear us talk about daily.

Be Like Stephanie!  Blue Shield of California’s Wellness Challenge:
Nutrition is an essential part to feeling energized, happy and powerful.  Stephanie says, “Drink lots of water, and then drink more…and eat more fruits and veggies.   But most importantly, remember that you really are what you eat and that it’s not only is it a reflection on your body, mind, and energy, but a reflection on the world and our planet.”

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