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After a ten year career, raising two kids and with an undiagnosed low thyroid function, Amy Tirion knew she needed a change.  Seeing her story mirrored through so many women around her, she decided to launch Delight for the Soul, a place for workshops and mini retreats where women can tap into their soulful power.

She provides ongoing inspiration through her blog and newsletter and has a book and guided journal entitled Knowing Beautiful, coming out in the new year.  She’s a light in many women’s life, and for that we honor her as our “Mom Making a Difference” this week.

Red Tricycle: You’re part of a group of moms that are on a serious mission.  What’s yours?

Amy Tirion:  My mission is to empower women to create more inspiration, space, and buoyancy in life.  At Delight for the Soul, we support and celebrate women.  I guide them down a path to shift into their best selves by tapping into wisdom, inspiration, and strength through physical and centering activities.  It’s so important that women understand the importance of self-compassion and self-renewal.

RT:  That’s some powerful stuff.  What inspired you to start this passion?

AT:  I had a very demanding ten-year career, raised two children, and went through a complete physical depletion of undiagnosed hypothyroidism.  I saw my own journey reflected back in so many women, taking it all on, doing an amazing job orchestrating life, yet never resting in their own ability.  So to help them, I created an experience that would feed women deeply because they often find it difficult to make time for themselves.

RT:  Do your children get involved with what you do?

AT:  My daughters feel my excitement for my work. When my energy shifts into my passion, my daughters join me.  They know how to heat the relaxation stones, set up the art studio, and make bouquets of flowers.  They share in the joy of preparing a space where beautiful things happen!

RT:  There’s a lot of serious stuff that you do, but there has to be some comic relief to, right?

AT:  One Saturday I needed to bring my daughter along (against her will) to go food shopping for an upcoming retreat.  She protested, saying:  “No, Mommy. We bought this house, now let’s use it!”

RT:  Is there one thing you think women need to find a more peaceful existence?

AT:  Yes!  A yoga mat!  It truly keeps me sane.

Be Like Amy!  Blue Shield of California’s Wellness Challenge:

It’s easy for women to believe they had to do it all by themselves.  Amy’s top three tips to living a balanced and happy life:  Ask for help, guidance, feedback, and support; be gentle with yourself as you grow into your new path; and follow your sparks of inspiration.

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