Taking Skin Care Seriously in the City of Angels: Dr. Diane Truong and Dr. JJ Levenstein

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Meet they the dynamic, doctor-mom-duo—Dr. Diane Truong and Dr. JJ Levenstein, creators of MD Moms.  While they are board-certified pediatricians who not only created the first pediatrician-developed personal care line for our babies, they also give back to their community through their unwavering support of the Epilepsy Foundation.

Red Tricycle:  You’re part of a group of moms that are on a serious mission.  What’s yours?
DRs:  We trained together at the Children’s Hospital of LA, and witnessed firsthand just how many children were in need of products that effectively protected their delicate skin from harmful solar damage in southern California.  Our tiny patients, with crusty scalps, painful diaper rash, eczema and dry skin helped us develop several of our products.  It was so sad to see the children in pain, and we knew we could help!

RT:  Through your work, how did you decided to support the Epilepsy Foundation?
DRs:   During our time as pediatric doctors, we have cared for so many children and young adults who suffer from epilepsy – most of whom require 100% care.  We aligned with the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles in order to help their cause.  We help to fund more fellowships to train pediatric neurologists.  Epilepsy needs to be diagnosed early and treated with state of the art therapy to help improve lifelong prognosis – there are just not enough neurologists currently to meet that critical need!

RT:  What inspired you to pursue this passion for both the business and the foundation?
DRs:   We were moved by the need in the community for support.  Our commitment helps ill and disadvantage children through work in pro-bono clinics, as well as giving a portion of our proceeds to the foundation.  It’s thrilling to be able to provide our patients great products, but also be able to channel that directly towards the benefit of the community.

RT:  Did your kids play a role in helping you to come up with certain products?
DRs:  We both knew how frustrating it is to chase our kids around trying to apply sunscreen!  When our kids were growing up, they thought sunscreens were part of their daily routines–similar to brushing their teeth.  Once they figured out that not all their friends were subjected to the same rub down routine–they, of course, began to protest!    During those protests, the concept of self-applied sunscreens from towelettes was formed!  Moms win, and kids win too!  It makes applying sunscreen fun.

RT:  Chasing kids around to apply sunscreen is like watching a comedy of errors, right?
JJ:  My son was in the marching band, and all the kids after summer camp looked like raccoons since they weren’t apply sunscreen!  My son thought the self-applied wipes were super cool, so he handed them out.  Marching band saved!
DT:  Not anymore, thank goodness!  My son is a soccer player, and I always get a kick out of seeing his entire team line up to wait for a sunscreen towelette from me at the start of practice or game.

Be Like the Doctors!  Blue Shield of California’s Wellness Challenge:
Sunscreen and skin care is a lifelong lesson to staying healthy throughout our years.  But that’s not all the good doctors have to say.  As pediatricians, JJ and Diane give this advice:  Teach by example.  That means turning off the electronic devices when you’re together (bye bye for now, iPhone!) and spending time outside exploring the world around you.

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