Being Grand in the Bay: Keely Grand

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After witnessing her Mom’s struggle with breast cancer at a young age, Keely—a fitness and wellness specialist and owner of Be Grand Fitness—turned that experience into a mission of healthy food, appropriate exercise and a balanced life.

We’re teaming up with Blue Shield of California to celebrate local Bay Area moms who have inspired us to seek healthy, balanced lives.  First up: Keely Grand of Be Grand Fitness.

Red Tricycle:  You’re part of a group of moms that are on a serious mission.  What’s yours?
Keely Grand: My main mission is to combat childhood obesity. I believe that the majority of the work and responsibility lies with the parents. I love working with different types of people with all types of abilities, but families are at the top of my list.

RT:  What inspired you to pursue health, fitness and fighting childhood obesity?
KG:  It was a combination of things: my mom getting breast cancer, my dad being a runner himself, my mom’s constant efforts to feed us the healthiest food, seeing unfit people get diseases that can be prevented with good health and going through my master’s program – health communication.

RT:  I take it your kids are a big part of what you do?
KG: My kids work with me. My oldest has been my exercise buddy since he was a baby. He’s come to classes with me from 3 months old and up until he went to preschool. My little guy is just 7 months old, and seems to enjoy it all too. Food is another aspect of my passion and my son is right there with me. We make kale smoothies together and go shopping for healthy food.

RT:  I bet your preschooler has said some pretty funny things as your exercise buddy, right?
KG: One time we were doing squat jumps and I was counting backwards and he yelled “Blast off!” when I got to 1. It stuck. Three years later, every time we do a jumping exercise with a backwards countdown we all yell “Blast off!”

RT:  What advice would you give to families that a more healthy lifestyle?
KG: Participate in any activity you can with your child. The joy in their entire being is priceless. Even if its 10 minutes of chase, dribble or bike riding after school or work, show your children that exercise can be fun and that you enjoy fitness with them.

Be Like Keely!  Blue Shield of California’s Wellness Challenge:
Purchase a resistance band if you want to work your muscles, a stroller if you want to walk or run with your child, chalk if you want to play hopscotch with your preschooler, the list is endless. You can burn a ton of calories by just playing chase and they’ll love every second of it!

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