New Openings: Go Yogurt with GoGreek

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Fellow fro-yo goers – we’re here to announce a game changer.  That resolution to up the household health ante?  The one you figured would carry you maybe through February, when those little eyes in the backseat would catch wind of their favorite frozen yogurt go-to, and demand to demolish our best intentions with all those guar gums and things that end in -dextrin and -citrate?  Well, it’s not going to happen.  Not this year.  Because we’ve located a ringer.  It’s black and white and Greek all over.  So tell those little faces in the rearview mirror mommy’s taking them to Greece today.  By way of Beverly Hills.


It’s not a sorority.  But you’ll be tempted to pledge anyway.
It’s yogurt.  And it’s frozen yogurt.  That might not raise your brow until you set foot into Go Greek and  sample the goods.  Then you too will discover this lynchpin of lusciousness and notorious Greek longevity, where ridiculous levels of delicious link arms with downright heart healthy ingredients, all in a frozen yogurt cup (or biodegradable terra cotta pot flown in from Greece, come to think).  Best part?  The kids won’t even see the whole presto-change act.  They don’t need to.  To them?  Mommy found a new favorite fro-yo fix.  Fabulous.  To you?  One cup of creamy calcium and protein rich pro-biotic brimming in anti-pathogens and anti-inflammatory agents, coming right up.  And by God, they can top it with gummy bears. *

*Natural fruit gummies, but they don’t know the difference.   And you do.

So wait, is it still frozen yogurt?
Yes.  And no.  Depends what you want it to be, as either option is available here, and one is no less decadent than the other.   The thick and creamy unfrozen variety, available with toppings and parfaits we’ll get to in a minute, but first (for the kids) we’ll start by introducing authentic Greek frozen yogurt in plain, plain tart, honey, chocolate, or wild berries.  In a virtuous mood, you can top tart with hemp, chia, and flaxseeds, fresh strawberries, and some trail mix (ridiculously good).  Your froyo fanatics (the aforementioned ones in the backseat) will go nuts with the wild berries, honey, and chocolate.  As it turns, the absence of additives, as the Athenians promised, tastes wonderful.GoGreek14

Finally.  Farm to table fro-yo.
We should’ve known it was only a matter of time.  Scratch the surface and find that all of their produce (you know them as toppings) is procured via local and independent farmer relationships.  The yogurt itself is flown in from Greece (you saw the movie – they don’t mess around), triple strained and topped with pro-biotic powerhouses to the tune of Tripoli (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, Goji berries, dark chocolate shavings and honey), Florina (apple, raisin, pecan, cinnamon, flaxseed, and honey), just two of the thirteen parfait blends that pack a potassium punch here and a weight loss wallop there.  This is how they do Greek Yogurt.


There are savory options too – like the Greek Salad, or the Megara, with the cucumber, toasted pita, olive oil, sea salt, crushed black pepper, and oregano.  The options are a bit dizzying, if only for being so solicitous in all their salacious offerings.  They’re even broken down into beneficial properties.  Your cup of Kyra (fig, walnut, and honey) so happens to also be your cup of calcium and pro-biotics.  God love the yogurt that multitasks as much we do.


Their playdate, your kind of place.
We won’t tell if you won’t.  Say sayonara to meeting anywhere that feels sacrificial.  What comes off as a give is finally a get, all treats, no tricks, moms will rally and kids will be right behind them.  Everybody wins.

All that and free parking, too.
Staying true to its Mediterranean philosophies, please, do not rush.  This place may be snacking Shangri-La, but when you’re a mom, you’re only as good as your parking is easy.  Two hours free in a public lot right across the street.  And done.GoGreek4-2

Medium made simple.
You tried, but getting the kids to hop on the kale and collard smoothie train was a collision in good intentions meets “as if.” That said, it’s not wrong to want to fill them with antioxidants in lieu of additives.  Also not wrong for them to want their treat to actually resemble one.  Voilà, Go Greek has got your back, and what do you know, theirs too.  Apologies on the kick start of a new addiction.  Good news is, this is one worth resolving to keep.


GoGreek Yogurt
452 North Bedford Dr.
Beverly Hills, Ca 90210
Phone: (310) 278-8643

Where do you fall in the great fro-yo/gelato/ice cream debate? And where do you go to get your fix? Let us know!
Written and photographed by Jolie Loeb