Mealtime Dreams vs. Mealtime Realities

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I used to slay in the kitchen. My meals were grand, well thought out, Pinterest beauties.

Then sports came along.

And the twins came along.

And now I see what a total dream crusher mealtime is when you have small kids, especially toddlers.

Check out these mealtime dreams and their mealtime reality counterparts and you’ll see what I mean.


Fun food for kids - hamburger looks like a funny muzzle

How cute are these meals?  I hope you took a ton of pictures of that sandwich.  Tape them up on the fridge to remind yourself to never waste your precious time on this stuff again.


With four kids at home, homework, and sports every evening your meal is a lot more likely to resemble this. One pot to clean always wins.


This is how you envision mealtime right? Healthy, spotless, no one screaming?




Someone is always screaming or crying and everyone is a hot mess. Just let them eat in the bathtub.


The dream: the family sits around the table enjoying homemade food and each other’s loving company right?


The reality: You eat off your little human because you are starving and they are ornery. Some days you just try and keep everyone alive.


Here’s to hoping the kids love that new Pinterest pureed soup you made from scratch!

Asian baby girl crying
Asian baby girl crying

Here’s to realizing that you should have opened a can of Campbell’s soup.


Living out of your kitchen to negotiate, prep and clean up meals is no easy feat. It is more like a daily prison sentence. But someone’s gotta do it.

Kristin is a blogging SAHM of 4 unruly princesses.  When she is not busy raising humans and vacuuming up toys she can be found at the local Target or hiding in her laundry room where she writes for Red Tricycle, Suburban Misfit Mom and Sammiches and Psych Meds.