New Mom Mindy Kaling Bawled During “Crazy Rich Asians” for This Powerful Reason

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If you haven’t seen Crazy Rich Asians then you’re definitely in the minority as this generations Joy Luck Club has taken American movie-goers by storm. To be fair, if you’re a new parent, getting out to the movies can be a challenge, so we’ll give you that. New mom Mindy Kaling is no different, but managed to get a night out to see the film.

So there’s been plenty of chatter about Crazy Rich Asians. From the breakout performances to its skyrocketing box office numbers, this film’s name has been just about everywhere. When the self-proclaimed “Medium Rich South Asian” mama tweeted about the movie, Kaling brought up a parenting point that got plenty of well-deserved attention.

Kaling recently tweeted, “No one told me that Crazy Rich Asians would also carry a powerful statement about single moms and their bonds with their daughters. I was bawling. Crazy Ugly Crying from Me.”

So how did Kaling’s Twitter followers respond to her comment? One mama tweeted, “This single mom agrees—and my kids now in their 30s turned out to be outstanding! fabulous! fierce! Go forward with confidence.” Another wrote, “Yep made me cry too. We work hard and sacrifice to make sure out kids have what they need.”

Whether you’re a single mom or not, Kaling’s comment might just make you ugly cry too!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: OWN via YouTube



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