Mom’s Viral Facebook Post: A “Failed” Birth Plan Doesn’t Make You a Failed Mom

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One of the hardest lessons of becoming a first-time parent is learning that life with kids doesn’t always go the way you plan—and that’s okay. One mom’s viral Facebook post about her “failed” birth plan is an important reminder of that lesson. Read on to hear her story.

First-time mom Samantha Joy had a pretty good idea of how she wanted her baby’s birth to go. As she details in her now-viral Facebook post, she spent months preparing and planning for the arrival of her son. She wanted a medication-free, water birth complete with dim lighting and soft music. Unfortunately, things did not turn out quite like she had in mind.

Photo: Parentingupstream via Pixabay

Things started out on the right track, with the hospital and midwife accommodating all of Joy’s wishes. However, after nine hours of pushing, her midwife suggested they consider some other options because the baby was not in an ideal position.

After consulting with a doctor, Joy agreed to an epidural in the hopes that it would help relax her body and allow the baby to move into a better position. That wasn’t the case, however, and after three more hours and the baby showing signs of distress, the doctors gave Joy the news she had been dreading: she would need a c-section.

While Joy’s birth plan hadn’t come to fruition, she didn’t feel like a failure. Instead, she felt proud and at peace. “I felt a ton of relief knowing he was coming,” she told Babble. “I felt so at peace knowing I had tried everything.” Nothing had gone the way she thought it would, but in the end she got what was most important, the precious gift of holding her new son in her arms.

“Before this experience the thought of this outcome felt like a failure, but at that moment I couldn’t be more proud,” Joy shared in her post. “I tried everything I could, never once felt fear, trusted the process, and got in the end what I TRULY wanted … Our little #LandonHail.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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