Mom Writes Emotional Note to Son, Thanking Him For Her Degree

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Photo: Jelina Shappard via Facebook

Graduating college is an accomplishment anyone would be proud of and an opportunity many are thankful for. For Jelina Sheppard, a mother who graduated Cum Laude with two Bachelor degrees, her experience was something special. She wrote a moving letter to her four-year-old son Karter, thanking him for the sacrifices he had to go through while she was in school. Her note is going viral on Facebook and Instagram, inspiring many parents.

Dear Karter,

For all those nights you had to fall asleep in the library, for all those times you had to watch cartoons alone because I needed to do homework, for the early mornings in daycare because I needed to be in class to being the last one there because I had to work, most importantly for the moments of separation because I needed to get this done, Thank you. You are the motivation for my heart to keep beating. I love you more than words can say. I finished because you needed to see me do it. I’m not strong because I want to be, I’m strong because I’m your first example. We’ve seen a lot and overcame a lot more.

To infinity and beyond, a mother’s greatest love. 💕 #‎iGraduated

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