Real Moms Review: thinkbaby Bottles

Think Baby Product Review
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Think Baby Product Review

From sports bottles to baby bottles, thinkbaby is well-known for using safe materials for consumer products that are free of BPA, nitrosamines, pvc lead and biological harmful chemicals.

Volunteer Red Tricycle Real Mom Reviewers Lori, Zontziry and Joanna tried out Thinkbaby Bottle Starter Kit ($19.99) and shared their experience with fellow Red Tricycle moms in 5 quick questions!

1. Is this your first time using baby bottles with your baby?

Lori: No.  My baby is 12 weeks old and has been taking bottles of breast milk off and on since he was approximately 5 weeks old.

Zontziry: No; I have used a bottle before, though with somewhat limited success.

Joanna: No, this is not the first time I have used bottles with my baby.

2. Do you currently breastfeed in addition to bottle feeding? If so, did you find your baby could easily go back and forth between the thinkbaby nipples and the breast?

Lori: I breastfeed whenever I am with my baby.  I went back to work when he was approximately 9 weeks old, and pump breast milk for him while I am away.  He hasn’t had any troubles going back and forth between the breast and thinkbaby nipples.

Zontziry: I primarily breastfeed, and like to use a bottle occasionally.  My son didn’t do well with the thinkbaby nipples; they seemed too long for him – he gagged a little a couple of times when trying the nipple on the  thinkbaby bottle.  He was hungry when I tried using the Think Baby bottles, but after the first try, he turned his head away.  After I gently got him to at least let the nipple in his mouth, he tried a bit, then decided against it.

Joanna: I do breastfeed but she had no trouble switching to thinkbaby. . . She was so excited for new bottles.

3. What do you think are the best features of the thinkbaby bottles?

Lori: I like the design of the thinkbaby bottles.  They are bold and bright.  They are easy to hold.  I also like that they do not have a lot of pieces to clean.

Zontziry: I loved the fact the started kit came with the 4 nipples for slow flow, medium flow, and fast flow!  Not only that, I really liked the sizes.  My baby eats a lot, so having a small bottle that was already 5 ounces (though it can actually hold 6 ounces) was fantastic!  The bottles also seemed pretty durable, something I was a little concerned about with the bottles being recyclable.

Joanna: The best feature is that they are eco-friendly and chemical free. The skinny waist also makes it easier for babes to learn to hold it themselves.

4. Is there anything that you feel could be improved?

Lori: My baby has problems with swallowing milk too fast, and then being burpy and gassy afterwards.  The brand of bottles that we have been using seems to help him not take in as much air.  The thinkbaby bottles did not seem to have this feature, as he was taking in a lot of air while drinking from them, and fussing a little.

Zontziry: I think the slow flow nipples could be a little shorter.  That one little change might have helped my baby accept the bottle better.

Joanna: Everything seems good so far, but I’ve only been using them for a couple days.

5. Are you likely to try the thinkbaby conversion kit (to convert the baby bottles into a sippy cup) or Thinkbaby’s other products?

Lori: I think the bottles would be great shapes for younger children and toddlers to hold.  I will definitely be looking into the kits to make them into sippy cups.  I am also curious to know what other products thinkbaby offers.

Zontziry: I definitely will try the conversion kit!  I think it’s a genius idea to use the same bottle to transition – and saves me from having a drawer or pantry full of baby bottles AND sippy cups later!

Joanna: I think thinkbaby’s complete feeding set looks awesome! As for the conversion set, if I come across it I might buy it. I am always searching for the perfect sippy cup.

To learn more about the Think Baby products click here.