This Mom’s Story of a Typical Day of Summer Vacation Will Have You Saying, ‘Me Too!’

photo: The 21st Century SAHM Facebook page

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Never has the pure chaos of a summer day with children been so perfectly captured than in this hilarious post from mommy blogger Karen Johnson of The 21st Century SAHM.

It starts like this:

“So. How’s everyone’s summer going? Here’s an excerpt from mine so far.”

The mom-of-three (and Red Tricycle Spoke Network contributor) then goes on to explain her momentous morning — how she’s making grilled cheese sandwiches and how she says “OK” to letting her two older kids walk down the street to get the mail.

And that is where everything falls apart. Completely and utterly.

We’re not going to ruin the whole thing for you; we’ll just say that it involves a lot of mail on yards, a toddler toddling toward a busy intersection, a bloody foot and some totally blackened grilled cheeses.

All that because she said “yes” to letting them get the mail.

It’s OK: We get it, Karen. And we feel your pain.

Click here to read the post.

And, if you want to like this SAHM just a little bit more, take a look at the words she’s written for her Facebook profile pic:

photo: The 21s Century SAHM Facebook page

Can you relate? Tell us your craziest summer parenting story in the comments below. 


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