My Mom Is Awesome Because!

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New mom coffee mugphoto: fieldtrip etsy page 

If you are a mom and you are reading this, know this: you are awesome. And if you have a mom in your life, you also know how amazing she is. In honor of Mother’s Day and mothers every day, we created a very sweet and simple way to express your love. Print this “My Mom Is Awesome Because…” page and have the kiddos fill it out. You can do it with them, or have them fill it out on their own. Print to send to your own mom, too (just fill it out and snap a photo and send over to your mama!). Want to make it public? Share your results with us on social with #RedTricycle and we’ll make sure everyone knows just how incredible you are, and just how cute your kids are too.

Click here for the Mother’s Day Printable to fill out now.