Music for Everyone

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285You know how much music can uplift the life of a child: from developing coordination to imagination, music opens doors. Look no further than Music for Everyone’s kid’s classes. Taught by early childhood music educator Jana Vitols, these classes engage 2-5 year olds in musical exploration.

Jana’s decade of teaching experience is evident as she inspires a love of rhythm and melody. Kids (and caregivers!) move to the sounds of live accompaniment: they stomp like elephants, shake like a rain cloud, leap like a frog, and sway like the wind. Jana uses Eurhythmics which aligns movement and music, to teach music fundamentals in a super-fun way. She plays a variety of string instruments including guitar, banjo, and violin. What’s more, tots get to explore and develop musical skills utilizing instruments, songs, puppets, scarves, books and games.

The best part? Kids not only connect with the basic principles of music, they also learn to express themselves in musical terms. That’s music to our ears.

Your Imaginary Friend, Jana’s kid-friendly band, is great cut the rug music for your kiddo’s birthday, the neighborhood block party, a backyard bbq or festival fun. Invite them to your next party and they’ll bring more instruments than you can shake a stick at.

Music for Everyone

Classes in Phinney Ridge and Seward Park