Playground-Bound? Here’s The Stuff You Need Right Now

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Playground-bound? You know what you have to bring (wipes, Band-Aids, water); but here’s what you should bring. A baby swing that you can use even when there’s no baby swing to be found? Sure! A tracking device that sounds an alarm if your kid escapes the confines? You bet! Whether you’re headed to the city park, or the local playground, here’s the stuff you need in your bag right now.



Babies love to swing—but sometimes you find yourself at a playground that just isn't equipped for the smallest of swingers. Now you can turn a big kid swing into a baby swing with this genius contraption. Designed for children ages 6-36 months and under 40 pounds, the SwingEase is a cloth bucket seat that hooks into the chains of most standard playground swings. You can choose to let your little one swing alone or use the seat to provide extra security when swinging your baby on your lap. Available at <a target="_blank" href="; target="_blank">,</a> $34.99. <p style="text-align:right;"><em>photo: Melissa Heckscher</em></p> &nbsp; fuck

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—Melissa Heckscher