We Asked 8 Real Moms to Try nanobébé Bottles—& Here’s What Happened

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When your newborn needs to eat, baby’s gotta eat—and there’s no time to be fiddling with screw-caps or heating milk or formula to get the perfect temperature. Enter the nanobébé innovative bottle feeding system: the first and only bottle created exclusively to support baby and mom’s breastfeeding relationship for those times when mom can’t be right there, such as when she needs to go back to work—or maybe just for a much-needed night off.

Here’s the thing about newborns: when it’s time to eat, they are not exactly shy in letting you know. That’s because babies are used to having their immediate hunger cravings instantly satisfied. Basically, when your baby cries to be fed, he or she is really saying, “Mom! I’m hungry! Boob me!”

The nanobébé bottle feeding system was created by two dads—who just also happen to be biomedical engineers (#convenient). These genius dads came up with a system that solves two problems at once: not only quickly warming up milk so baby doesn’t blow a gasket waiting to be fed, but a system that preserves all that microscopic goodness within mom’s milk. Hot water might be great for your nightly cuppa, but boiling water breaks down all of those beneficial nutrients in breastmilk.

We asked eight moms to try a variety of nanobébé products with their own babies and share their honest, real-life experiences—and here’s what they had to say. Read on to find out what these real moms love about their nanobébé bottles.

Michelle Hancock via Modern Mom Life

A More Natural Transition

Michelle at Modern Mom Life is still nursing her son after 9 months, a feat of which she is pretty proud. Even so, mom needs a break from all the breastfeeding, and the nanobébé breastmilk bottle allows her husband to help feel her little one, too—and thankfully, the bottle is naturally designed to aid in the transition from breast to bottle.

"Sometimes the transition from breast to bottle isn’t as smooth which can led to stress and mom guilt. Heaven forbid we even think about having a few hours of alone time. ...The familiar breast-like shape helps babies to instinctively know what to do with their head, hands, lips etc., encouraging a natural transition."

Read Michelle's post here.

Sandra Lee via Red Tricycle

Brilliant Bottle Storage

For new mom Sandra Lee, the innovative way that nanobébé breastmilk bottles stack was definitely a plus.

"The storage design is definitely one of my favorite features. Ever look at your fridge and think where all the bottles are going to go? Yeah, me too. These bottles take up such little space that all you need is a corner shelf and you’re golden."

Read Sandra's post here.

Claudia Candelas

Beautiful & Functional Style

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Claudia Candelas loved that not only are the designs of the nanobébé bottles so gorgeous, they are fashionably functional, too.

"The bottles are stackable, and have a similar shape as mommy’s breast, and the nipple is reshaped to help baby latch on. The storage for the Nanobebe products is also great because they are conveniently designed to store bottles, caps, nipples while looking stylish at the same time."

Read Claudia's post here.

Amanda Elizabeth via Meet @ the Barre

Super Easy Cleanup

Meet @ the Barre Blogger Amanda Elizabeth is a pediatric nurse, adjunct university professor and Barre instructor—and recently, a first-time mom. To say that she's one busy mama is an understatement! For this busy mom headed back to work after the birth of her son, Patrick, having a bottle feeding system like nanobébé that didn't have a million parts to clean was a huge bonus: 

"What I immediately liked about the brand is that they were so breastfeeding friendly. I mean heck, what does the bottle shape remind you of right? What sold me right off the bat is that they come with an adapter each bottle so that you can pump right into the bottles from your machine. Score, one less thing to clean."

Read Amanda's post here.

Priyadarshini Rajendran via Red Tricycle

Perfect for Working Moms

Priya is a working mom who is nursing her son. Like many working moms who breastfeed, she needs the support of a caregiver to feed her son when she's not home. Enter nanobébé and it's intuitive design.

"As a mom who works around the clock, my time is naturally limited at home. Feeding the baby is a huge responsibility that I am finally comfortable in leaving to my child's caregiver because I entirely trust my nanobébé breastmilk bottle."

Read Priya's post here.

Julie via The Chirping Moms

Space-Saving Design Like Whoa

Blogger Julie at The Chirping Mom recently welcomed the birth of her baby boy—five weeks early, no less! As the mom of a preemie, pumping is essential since most preemies need bottle feeding early on. As any mom of a preemie can relate, pumping means lots and lots of breastmilk that needs to be stored until baby is ready to eat—and nanobébe´'s revolutionary space-saving design is there to the rescue.

"The organizer takes up very little space in the freezer and the super slim storage bags stack very neatly. This means no more digging through bags of frozen vegetables to find that last bag of milk! Plus, the convenient ‘first in, first out’ tracking system leaves no room for error on which bag to grab."

Read Julie's post here.


Bottles Made for Pumping Moms

Leigh is a first-time, breastfeeding mom who also works full-time—which means she's definitely become best buds with her breast pump. Her nanob´ebé experience was made all the better by the fact that the entire system is designed to support breastfeeding mamas.

"What I also love about these bottles is that there is an attachment so you can pump directly into the bottle. Gone are the days of having to pump in separate bottles and then pour out the appropriate amount. It’s a one-stop-shop with these bottles."

Read Leigh's post here.

Brittany Ashmore via Instagram

A Baby Registry Essential

Houston lifestyle blogger Brittany Ashmore is a mom of three, and she totally wished nanobébé had been around for her first two kids. 

"With Leighton I researched so many must-have products for new moms.... there are so many amazing products on market every year! This is the first bottle specifically designed to preserve essential breastmilk nutrients!! I wish I had them with Oakland and Ainsley!"

Read Brittany's full review at her IG post here.

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What’s your baby feeding journey been like? Have you tried the nanobébé breastmilk bottle? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments!



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