How to Celebrate & Photograph National Teddy Bear Day

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Flat Stanley and the Traveling Gnome have some big time competition in the name of a teddy bear named Beary. Our Editors recently played hooky from work to hangout with Beary and chronicle his adventures around Sausalito for National Teddy Bear Day. In honor of this day, you too can get out and explore your ‘hood with your own teddy bear (a lovey works just fine, too). Scroll down to get inspired by Beary’s tour de Sausalito’s coolest spots, and then take photos of your own teddy bear’s adventures. Don’t forget to tag #RedTricycle to share your National Teddy Bear Day celebration.

Beary knew he’d have a big day of adventures ahead of him (it is his day after all) so he fueled up with a bowl of cereal and almond milk.

TeddyBear-1-2Once he got pumped to celebrate National Teddy Bear Day, he got on his red tricycle to get from one place to another. Pssst-don’t have a tricycle to photograph your teddy with? A scooter, bike or skateboard works just fine!TeddyBear-1

First stop? The playground (obviously). Beary hopped on the only available swing at the park.  TeddyBear-2After patiently waiting his turn, Beary got to zoom down the tube slide. It was one of the most thrilling rides of his life. 


Conveniently located right next to the playground, the Sausalito library has a great kids’ book section. Beary beelined it here and settled in amongst his favorite reads. TeddyBear-4

He snuggled up with one of his favorite books: Madeline. Though to be honest, The Berenstain Bears series was his first choice–they were all checked out.TeddyBear-5

After finishing up his book, Beary decided to park it in the garden to get back to his woodsy roots. Hint: for your own teddy bear photo shoot try to find a garden with flowers! 


Just moments later, Beary met a gentle 13-week-old puppy who took a liking to him.  TeddyBear-7

After the pup fell asleep, Beary headed to his local grocer for some eats. 


He fit just fine in the grocer’s carts. 


The last stop on the tour was a picturesque shot near the water. If you don’t live near water we suggest finding a scenic outlook–it could even be at your local park or atop a nearby hill!


National Teddy Bear Day really took it out of Beary so he hit the sack early. 


What did you think of Beary’s day? Share your own teddy bear or lovey’s adventures with us by emailing a photo of your own beary to or tag us on Facebook and Instagram with #RedTricycle, and we’ll repost our favorites!

photos by Christal Yuen; copy by Erin Lem