3 New Craft Kit Subscriptions to Try

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Signs of a successful craft project? Paint-smudged cheeks, glitter-dusted fingers and smiles all around. Make the journey to craft bliss even easier by getting kits delivered to your door. They come packed with everything you need to make a Pinterest-worthy project — easy-to-follow directions included. Here are a few of our new favorite subscription services that leave even the littlest of crafters with a sense of accomplishment.


 photo: Darby Smart

Darby Smart

The Scoop: Maybe you’ve cruised this site to buy craft supplies. Now tear into their bright turquoise boxes to find a whole delightful how-to. The new all-inclusive craft kits for kids are developed in collaboration with Amanda Kingloff, who wrote the book Project Kid: 100 Ingenious Crafts for Kids and is the former lifestyle director of Parents magazine. Projects have a modern, artful bend (imagine a chandelier-like mobile made from colorful plastic zip ties) that you’ll want to show off, not shove in a corner.

Craft We’re Crushing On: For Dolly’s Sleeping Bag, a terry cloth oven mitt morphs into a cute little portable bed for your child’s favorite plushie.

Ages: 5-10.

To Order: $16.99/project online at darbysmart.com. There’s also a “mystery box” subscription service geared to all ages; every month, you get a new kit for $19/box.


photo: Artsy Fartsy

Artsy Fartsy

The Scoop: Think of your favorite summer-camp craft, add some bells and whistles, and you have a project by Artsy Fartsy. Their unpretentious and nostalgic-feeling crafts have fun new spins — for example, there’s a “summer snow globe” in which a mini sand bucket and surfboard hang out. Themes vary by month and are usually tied in with holidays or major events (think Olympics, Halloween, summer fun). Materials are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Craft We’re Crushing On: The Monster Sock Puppet puts to use a sock, google-y eye, pipe cleaners, pompons and more to create a wacky friend that you’ll love for impromptu puppet shows.

Ages: Choose from kits for ages 2-5 or 6-10.

To Subscribe: $24.95/month (includes one kit) online at artsyfartsybox.bigcartel.com.


photo: Kreation Krate

Kreation Krate

The Scoop: Each box comes with a project idea, all of the needed supplies, and a big warm-fuzzy. Why? There’s a bonus craft kit in every box that you are encouraged to make and then give to others, either as a random act of kindness or straight to a charity organization. One recent kit included everything you need to make greeting cards for hospitalized kids. Your littles will need adult supervision to complete most Kreation Krate projects; they are tailored to beginning and intermediate crafters and can include fussier materials like chalkboard paint and bakers twine. Make it a group effort, enjoy bonding time and create something you can all feel good about.

Craft We’re Crushing On: Seeds of Kindness are clay pots that you spray-label and use to pot basil, cilantro and other herbs that can grow on your windowsill.

Ages: 5 & up.

To Subscribe: $26/month at kreationkrate.com.

Have you tried a craft kit that you loved? Shout about it in the Comments!

— Kelly Aiglon