10 New Year’s Resolutions for NYC Parents

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One of the great things about being a New York parent is that there’s no shortage of things to do. Which also means you likely have a long list of places you’ve always meant to go with a kid or two, and activities you’ve been wanting to tackle as a family that you never quite get around to. This year will be different! (Ok, maybe not that different, but surely you can cross a couple things off your parenting bucket list.) Herewith, our suggested list of resolution-worthy destinations and things to do for 2015. Happy New Year!

1. Get a family membership to both save big bucks and encourage outings.

2. Go ice skating in one of the many skating rinks around town.

RT-cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms photo via Tais Melillo on Flickr

3. Welcome spring at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Cherry Blossom Festival.

4. Join some kind of parenting community, whether it’s a local listserve, Meetup Group or the neighborhood group of parents who gather at the kid-friendly cafe.


Jazz Age Lawn Party photo via Bruce Monroe on Flickr

5. Take the ferry to Governors Island this summer to party like a flapper, survey art of all kinds, and picnic.


Coney Island Cyclone photo via Todd Crusham on Flickr

6. Ride a rollercoaster, old or new.

7. Be a tourist and visit one of NYC’s icons: the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Radio City Music Hall, The Empire State Building, etc.


Apples photo: Fishkill Farms/Grant Delin

8. Get your fall apples, Halloween pumpkins, or Christmas tree at a place that actually grows such things.

9. Get a snap with Santa.

10. Out with the old, in with the new!: Finally go through the closets and clear out the toys never played with, the clothes never worn — and make some cash in the process!

What do you vow to do this year? Let us know in the the comments below!

—Mimi O’Connor