A World Class (and Kid-Friendly) Museum in the Outer Boroughs

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Sure, you can’t throw a stone in Manhattan without hitting a world-class art collection, but as with everything else in Brooklyn right now, the hot borough’s signature museum is giving art-lovers a reason to cross the bridge. And because it’s not yet on the average out-of-towner’s to-do list, it’s an excellent place to take the stroller and walk around without the crowds.


Tucked in next to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, the museum’s extensive collection of Egyptian and Classical pieces, contemporary and feminist art, photography, painting and sculpture are sure to catch the eyes of your fledgling culturati. From gargoyle-like Japanese sculptures to photos of Snoop Dogg, the collection is as diverse as it is fascinating.

What to see: However you enter the museum, be sure to stop in the foyer to admire the impossibly realistic Rodin sculptures, cast in bronze. Once inside, the mummies and collection of Egyptian minature sculptures on the 3rd floor are fascinating, as are the decorative and design-oriented furniture on the 4th floor. And Keith Haring’s wonderful, bright drawings will surely catch your child’s attention. They’re there through July 8, 2012 (though you may want to check it out ahead of time, there are some adult-oriented themes, of course). 

The museum also has a number of activities specifically for children and teens, including Meet the Museum for toddlers and their caregivers, day camps and summer camps for children, and family activity guides to help engage the little ones as you tour the collection.

What to bring: Be sure to have some water and dry snacks to keep the little ones energized. Feel free to bring a camera as well — most exhibits are available to be photographed. If you bring a stroller, you can wander with it, or check it in the coat check, as you like.

When you arrive: Tickets are available in the lobby. Admission price is suggested only. All umbrellas must be checked in the coat check.

Where to eat: There’s a basic, if slightly pricy cafe on the first floor. While there isn’t much directly outside the musem, a short walk across Grand Army Plaza will take you along Union Street to 7th avenue, Park Slope’s hopping restaurant district, with lots of kid-friendly fare.

Hours: Closed Mon-Tues. Otherwise, open 11:00 am – 6:00 pm, on Thurs until 10:00 pm

Admission: Adults $12, Students $8, Children under 12, free. Admission is suggested only.

How to get there: Parking is available off of Washington Avenue, and the 2/3 train stops right outside the museum’s Eastern Parkway entrance. 

Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, Ny
Online: brooklynmuseum.org

 — Christopher Michel

photos courtesy of Creative Commons