Sneak Preview: The World’s First Unicorn Horn Store

Yes, the store you didn’t even know your family needed is headed (so to speak) this way! Brooklyn Owl, your one-stop-shop for unicorn horns of all colors and sizes, opens this weekend and promises lots of fun extras to mark the occasion. But it’s not just a grab and go storefront — it’s an experience! (And one the whole family should check out. Read on to see what we mean…)

photo: Michele Danahy

X + Y + Four-year-old = Unicorn horn store
Brooklyn Owl is the creation of Park Slope resident (and mom) Annie Bruce, a former math teacher who fashioned the original unicorn horn in 2012 for her four-year-old daughter. When the walk to the local diner wearing the unicorn horn caused quite the commotion, Bruce — who’d already been selling Brooklyn Owl goods on Etsy and at the Brooklyn Flea — began production for the magical masses. After establishing a robust wholesale business supplying boutiques worldwide with Brooklyn Owl goods, Bruce decided the horns needed a brick and mortar showcase.

The Merch
Tucked along a busy stretch of Flatbush Avenue on the Park Slope/Prospect Heights border, the approximately 200-square-foot storefront is a pristine white box, a perfect backdrop for the colorful and shiny merchandise.

Unicorn horns in various sizes, fabrics and colors are impressively displayed on open shelves (prices range from $14 for the small, to $30 for a large), and a variety of similarly fun and vibrant items are for sale as well. Supporting goods and accessories include shimmery skirts, rainbow cross-body bags, Unicorn State shirts, playful barrettes, unicorn lollipops and even pre-assembled or mix-your-own Unicorn confetti (colorful felt dots). 

The Unicorn Experience
Just standing in the store is fun enough, but that’s only where it begins. Bruce encourages all customers to take part in the Brooklyn Owl Unicorn Experience, which first, involves determining your ideal size and color horn. (There are samples to try on.)

Next, patrons must find the “secret words” throughout the store — which are encouraging phrases written in invisible ink on various surfaces, revealed when light from a special flashlight is shown on them. Examples: “I am amazing!”, “I can do anything!”

Lastly, potential unicorns say their favorite magic phrase to the large mirror in the corner and presto! — the mirror lights up and says any number of fun/funny/ego-boosting things. (That’s Bruce’s husband playing the part of magic mirror.)

Brooklyn Owl workshop photo: Michele Danahy

Even More Reasons to Like Brooklyn Owl
Made in China? No chance. Bruce is committed to supporting homegrown businesses and artisans. The horns are created by local seamstresses in the workshop in the back of the store, Unicorn State T-shirts and onesies are printed by an artist in Bed-Stuy, even the polyfill used to stuff the horns is supplied by a family business based in New Jersey.

photo: Michele Danahy

Grand Opening Festivities
Brooklyn Owl will hold its grand opening the weekend of May 6 & 7. In addition to a ceremonial ribbon-cutting, expect goodybags for the first 50 customers, a prize wheel spin with every purchase, a “Cutest Unidog” photo contest — and an appearance by a real unicorn!

Brooklyn Owl
252 Flatbush Ave.
Park Slope

Will you be visiting Brooklyn Owl? Tell us in the comments below!

— Mimi O’Connor


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