Counter, Culture: Museums Where You’ll Want to Eat, Too!

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Often, a trip to an NYC museum with the kids means some lackluster eats if you stay on site. But more and more, the city’s museums are upping their food game, resulting in better choices for both you and your kids to nosh on while spending the day immersing yourself in culture. Some here are relatively new, some reliable favorites. Read on for recs on where you can sate hungry minds and bodies.

Morris Sandwich Shop at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

If you don’t remember what you had to eat at the second-floor cafeteria of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum prior to the Morris Sandwich Shop bringing its simple but tasty menu to the Crown Heights Kid Spot, you’re not alone. (The offerings were less-than-inspired, to say the least.) No more! A fun and faux rendering of one of the food trucks on which the grilled cheese purveyors built their reputation now frames the once-blah cafeteria counter. A small but entirely sufficient menu of sandwiches, soup, salads and snacks is now served from the window, a delicious change that will have both you and the kids chomping at the bit, so to speak, for a lunch break. Kids can opt for a classic cheese sandwich grilled to perfection (that’s kind of their thing), while adults can sample creations with more nuanced flavors and fromage and added ingredients, many of which are sourced from local producers. 145 Brooklyn Ave. Crown Heights 718-735-4400 Online: <a target="_blank" href=""></a&gt; <em>photo: via <a target="_blank" href=";theater">Brooklyn Children's Museum</a> Facebook page </em>fuck

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— Lambeth Hochwald