Culture Club: A New Program For Exploring Art with Kids

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You know New York is home to some of the best art in the world, from old masters to the most contemporary cutting-edge works. You also know you’d love to introduce your kid to all the NYC art scene has to offer — the problem is, how?  Mismatched Socks, a new program devoted to bringing the city’s rich art offerings and families together in myriad and sometimes unconventional ways, is here to help.

Photo by Mismatched Socks NY.

 photo: Mismatched Socks NY

The Big Picture

Founded by the two-woman team of Asya Gribov and Sasha Dashevsky, Mismatched Socks is dedicated to helping families discover and enjoy New York City’s vast art offerings of all types and mediums. The pair bring backgrounds in education and teaching, psychology, and event organizing to the venture.

The company conducts events such as catered tours of museum exhibits, excursions to parks and art installations, and even the occasional puppet show.  In addition to providing insight during these outings, Gribov and Dashevsky also aim to provide parents with the tools they need to help young ones see art in every day surroundings as well.

Outings typically last about an hour or two and each tour is concluded with an invitation to continue exploring on your own. Attendees are given a postcard with information on nearby things to check out, places to see, and shops to peruse.

Beyond Bright Colors and Shapes

MisMatched Socks’ founders believe that art doesn’t have to be dubbed “kid-friendly” for little ones to like it and learn from it, which is why the program’s exhibit or tour choices don’t necessarily scream, “the child will flip for this.” For example, one upcoming outing will visit the Guggenheim’s ZERO Countdown to Tomorrow exhibition, which is not noted for lots of bright colors and moving shapes. For the most part it’s black, white, and gray, and might be overlooked as something kids will enjoy, but the Mismatched Socks team uses it as an opportunity to explore abstract concepts in a fun way for both kids and adults.

The group has also toured the galleries of Chelsea and ventured into Alphabet City’s sculpture garden — events that will both be part of the Spring and Summer 2015 schedule.

Photo: Mismatched Socks NY

photo: MisMatched Socks NY

Finding Art Everywhere

Tours are not limited to museums and galleries — just about anything turns into an art exhibit at the hands of Mismatched Socks. One outing leads little adventurers on a sound scavenger hunt of Grand Central Station, while another finds kids climbing the hands-on Light Over Time exhibition at Metro Tech Commons in Brooklyn.

The program also offers classes and workshops that tap into everyone’s little inner artist (yes, even the parents’). Upcoming class topics include learning how to wrap gifts with magnets, discovering the process that goes into making pottery, and creating electric art.

Photo: Mismatched Socks NY

photo: Mismatched Socks NY

Future plans

In addition to more cultural excursions and experiences in the coming months,  Mismatched Socks will hold several Russian-speaking events which will focus on developing Russian language skills while still exploring the art around us. The founders plan to eventually branch out to other languages including ASL.  An Art Series program, which will run for several weeks (as opposed to a one-off tour) is also in the works.

For the latest scoop on Mismatched Socks happenings, head to the program’s website or Facebook page.

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How do you introduce your kid to art around New York City? Tell us in the comments below!

—Yuliya Geikhman