Inside Our Editor’s Summer of Fun in Brooklyn

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Ever wonder what we’re doing behind the scenes at Red Tricycle? Well, when we’re not writing about what you can do with your kids, we’re out there experiencing the city with our own kids. Here, you can see what our New York Editor Julie Seguss has been up to this summer with her almost one year old son Luca.

Our Neighborhood's Newest Playground

Living in Park Slope, we're lucky enough to have oodles of awesome playgrounds around - Harmony Playground and JJ Byrne to name a couple - but we were excited when a new one opened on our end of the neighborhood. Slope Playground on 6th Avenue and 18th Street has lots of great cruising spots for toddlers, along with equipment older kids would like too and water features for staying cool in the summer.

What was the coolest thing you did with your kids this summer?

–Julie Seguss