Whitney Biennial 2014 Now Open: Take Our Family-Friendly Tour

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Even with little museum-goers in tow, you can experience exciting contemporary art. The just-opened 2014 Whitney Biennial, one of the largest surveys of up-and-coming and established American artists, is going on right now. While the exhibit is big and sprawling, filling the museum’s every nook and cranny, and some of the artwork isn’t appropriate for your kids, it’s definitely doable if you know what to see. Flip through Red Tricycle’s guide to navigate the exhibit and check out the best art for both you and the kids.

<h2>Fourth Floor</h2> Take the elevator up and start at the fourth floor, which has some of the most kid-friendly artwork. If you only have time to visit one floor, this is the one. <b>Joel Otterson</b>, <b><i>Curtains Laced with Diamonds Dear for You</i></b> These gigantic beaded curtains are weighted down on the bottom by rusted old kitchen and shed tools, such as a vise and pitchfork. Kids will dig the juxtaposition of the delicate colorful beads with the heavy tools. Also check out the dangling chandeliers made from hundreds of vintage crystal and glass goblets.fuck

Naked Note: On all of the floors – especially the second and third floors – there is artwork depicting the naked form, some of which is sexual. Use your own judgment on what you want to expose to your children, but we suggest that the fourth floor is your safest bet and the most kid-friendly.

Whitney Museum of American Art
945 Madison Avenue, Upper East Side
Exhibition Dates: Now to May 25, 2014
Phone: 212-570-3600
Hours: Wed.-Thurs., 11 a.m.-6 p.m.; Fri., 1-9 p.m.; Sat.–Sun., 11 a.m.-6 p.m.; closed Mon. & Tues.

Cost: $20/adults, free for kids

-Alice Perry

All photos courtesy of Alice Perry, except Zoe Leonard’s 945 Madison Avenue, courtesy of the Whitney Museum of American Art, photo by Bill Orcutt.