Hot Museum Shows to Check Out This Winter

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So, winter finally arrived!  NYC’s cultural spots are ready to welcome you and yours, with new exhibits showcasing everything from science experiments and sewing, to trippy takes on fairy tales, Muslim culture here and abroad, and even a fun way to contemplate infinity. And, you’ll never look at pigeons quite the same way again…Click through to find your next enriching outing!

For Even More Dinosaur: Dinosaurs Among Us

Did the American Museum of Natural History's new 122-foot Titanosaur leave the kids wanting more, more dinosaur? You're in luck! The museum's upcoming exhibit, Dinosaurs Among Us, examines how one group of dinosaurs evolved into "living dinosaurs" — what we call birds. Visitors will see ancient, rarely-seen fossils, as well as life-like models, such as a 23-foot-long feathered tyrannosaur, and a small four-winged dromeosaur, with a 22-inch wingspan and vivd, patterned plumage. All this and more showcases remarkable new evidence for what scientists now call on of the best-documented evolutionary transitions in the history of life! American Museum of Natural History Central Park W. &amp; 79th St. Upper West Side 212-769-5100 Online: <a target="_blank" href=""></a&gt; <em>photo: AMNH</em>fuck

What museum exhibit are you most excited to see this season? Tell us in the comments below!

— Mimi O’Connor