Hot Museum Shows to Check Out This Winter

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So, winter finally arrived!  NYC’s cultural spots are ready to welcome you and yours, with new exhibits showcasing everything from science experiments and sewing, to trippy takes on fairy tales, Muslim culture here and abroad, and even a fun way to contemplate infinity. And, you’ll never look at pigeons quite the same way again…Click through to find your next enriching outing!

To Ponder Infinity, and Beyond: Beaver Run

If you're always saying that your kid is way smarter than you, head to the National Museum of Mathematics for its brand new installation, "Beaver Run" — maybe they can explain it to you. This one-of-a-kind permanent exhibit features two beavers traveling at the same speed along a path of tracks and turntables; visitors remotely rotate the turntables to create different pathways and millions of possible patterns. No matter matter how the paths change or where the beavers turn, they will never meet, a fact proven through interactive challenges presented to visitors. Beaver Run illustrates the mathematical concept of the "proof" in a fun and hands-on way. 11 E. 26th St. Flatiron 212-542-0566 Online: <a target="_blank" href="; target="_blank"></a> <em>photo: <a target="_blank" href="; target="_blank">Wilkie J.</a> via Yelp</em>fuck

What museum exhibit are you most excited to see this season? Tell us in the comments below!

— Mimi O’Connor