Top Ice Pops: 6 Local Popsicles for a Cool Summer

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Frozen, fruity and lighter than ice cream, ice pops really hit the spot on a hot, humid, NYC summer day. The trendiest spots go above and beyond the Popsicles of our youth to offer your kids (and you) and chilly, flavor explosion worth the sugar rush. Read on to discover Red Tricycle’s favorite ice pops including shops, stands and even a locally made popsicle that you can pick up while buying groceries.They’ll beat a dunk in the Hudson River (eww!) or a stir-crazy afternoon at home in the A/C any day.

<h2><a target="_blank" href="">Popbar</a></h2&gt; Lots of options and a have-it-your-way philosophy sometimes is a must with opinionated kiddos. At Popbar kids can pick a pop (sorbetto, gelato or yogurt based), then dress it up by dipping it in chocolate and covering it in nuts, granola, coffee beans (for the adults) or coconut. Going naked, no toppings at all, is also an option. <strong>Where to find them:</strong> The <a target="_blank" href="; target="_blank">Popbar</a> is located at 5 Carmine St. and 6th Ave. in the West Village. <strong>What to order:</strong> Popbar carries 26 flavors per day, including Banana, Mixed Berry and Lemon. <strong>Cost:</strong> Each pop costs $3.99, plus $.50 for unlimited chocolate toppings and $.50 for unlimited dry toppings. <strong>Good to know:</strong> Popbar is small and can get crowded quickly. There's limited seating in the store, so after you buy your pop, head across the street to the benches at Father Demo Square to enjoy. <em>Photo courtesy of <a target="_blank" href="; target="_blank">Marian C via Yelp</a></em>fuck

What locally made frozen summer treat do you and your kids crave? 

– Mikaela Walker & Julie Seguss