NYC’s Best Kid-Friendly Farm to Table Restaurants

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We may not be within a stone’s throw of anything even close to a silo, barn or haystack, but thanks to some very innovative chefs and restaurant owners, the farms are coming to us. Happily, New Yorkers have embraced the local food movement in a big way — and farm-to-table dining isn’t just for adults. Flip through for 9 of the city’s top farm-to-table restaurants that welcome diners of all ages.

Finger Lakes Region Freshness on the Upper West Side

At Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table, they do a good job of conjuring the feel of a restaurant deep in the countryside on the Upper West Side. That’s because the owners are committed to serving only the most local, hormone, and antibiotic-free foods. The majority of ingredients come from Finger Lakes Farm in Ithaca and the restaurant is listed in <span style="font-weight:400;"><a target="_blank" href="">Clean Plates</a>,</span><span style="font-weight:400;"> so that gives you a sense of how devoted they are to serving ‘thoughtful’ American comfort food. The owners have their own kids, so little ones are not only welcome, it’s even okay if they climb over the booths (something that happened on the night we visited). The kid’s menu is filled with smaller, spiced-down versions of the regular menu—and that’s a kid’s menu we can get behind. Cheeseburgers, for example, are made from grass-fed natural angus beef from Great Northern Cattle in Montana and are served with hand-cut fries and sliced Finger Lakes Farms apples.</span> Elizabeth’s 680 Columbus Ave. Upper West Side 212-280-6500 Online: <a target="_blank" href=""><span style="font-weight:400;">Elizabeth’s</span></a> <em>photo: via <a target="_blank" href=";theater&quot; target="_blank">Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table Facebook</a> page</em>fuck
  • Ellary's Greens
  • Foragers City Table
  • Woodland
  • The Farm on Adderley
  • Roberta's

Where is your favorite place to eat local with your family in NYC?  

— Lambeth Hochwald & Michelle McIvor