NYC’s Best Kid-Friendly Farm to Table Restaurants

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We may not be within a stone’s throw of anything even close to a silo, barn or haystack, but thanks to some very innovative chefs and restaurant owners, the farms are coming to us. Happily, New Yorkers have embraced the local food movement in a big way — and farm-to-table dining isn’t just for adults. Flip through for 9 of the city’s top farm-to-table restaurants that welcome diners of all ages.

Go for the Homegrown Pizza

Brick oven pizza topped with fresh homegrown ingredients rules at Roberta's. The atmosphere at this hip Bushwick joint is busy, so kids can be rowdy while the adults relax over a few beers. Housed in a former garage, they grow tomatoes, eggplants, berries and greens in their elevated greenhouse and rooftop garden. The menu offers a selection of classic and funky flavors and features an impressive wine and beer selection. The creatively-named Millennium Falco is a meat lover’s dream with taleggio, pork sausage, kale, garlic and chili. Kids can have a Margherita pizza or choose from over 20 toppings. The good news is that every dish is fresh and flavorful. The bad news? The crowd never lets up so be prepared for a long wait. If you’re in a rush, stop by Roberta’s takeout next door. Roberta’s 261 Moore St. Bushwick 718-417-1118 Online: <a title="Robertas" target="_blank" href=""></a&gt; <em>photo: Roberta’s / Deidre Schoo</em>fuck
  • Ellary's Greens
  • Foragers City Table
  • Woodland
  • The Farm on Adderley
  • Roberta's

Where is your favorite place to eat local with your family in NYC?  

— Lambeth Hochwald & Michelle McIvor