Brooklyn Mamas with Little Kids and Big Style

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Have you ever met someone so positive and effervescent that you think to yourself, I want some of that kool-aid? Well, triple that enthusiasm and positive energy and you’ve got Mozelle, Lillie and Racquel, the geniuses behind the style blog, Little Kids.Big Style. The three sisters not only are full time moms, but they’re full time fashionistas as well. They know that shopping for kids can be a daunting task so they’ve put their style sensibilities to good use, serving up fashion advice to other parents so that shopping for your kids can be fun and affordable. The Brooklyn mamas recently sat down with us to answer some questions about their fave Brooklyn haunts, being a NYC parents, and of course, upcoming kids’ styles.

Red Tricycle: What are some of your favorite neighborhood restaurants?
Mozelle, Lillie, and Racquel: Fuji hana, on Avenue U and east fifth street in Brooklyn, a great japanese family restaurant. It’s the one place we can go to where everyones is  happy. Bbrown rice with vegetables, sesame chicken, sauteed stringbeans and sushi are ordered every time without fail.

RT: Any suggestions for local date night spots?
MLR: For date nights we all like to keep it low key with dinner in the city or Brooklyn, depending on whose babysitting, and a movie back home.

RT: We’re dying to know — where do you go back-to-school shopping? Do you have any favorite boutiques, consignment stores or thrift shops?
MLR: Believe it or not our favorite place for back-to-school shopping is Target! They have great basics for boys and girls. For boys you can find sweats at $8 a piece and great character tees. Target also carries converse and champion sneakers. For girls they have leggings for $6 in a bunch of different colors. Jeggings, t-shirts, cardigans and skirts can all be found for such reasonable prices. For older girls Forever 21 also has great cheap basics. One of our favorite boutiques in Brooklyn as well as Manhattan is Lester’s. They start at newborn and continue on through adults. They carry great styles from Mayoral, Appaman, Ralph Lauren and Juicy Couture (to name a few). When looking for a special occasion outfit they are a great source.

RT: What’s on your radar for popular kids fashion this fall season?
MLR: Many of the trends from the spring and summer are easing their way into fall clothing as well. Sequins are everywhere, from fancy skirts, casual leggings and even sneakers. Colored denim is another trend that is going strong. Skinny jeans now come in literally every color of the rainbow. Florals are getting a makeover for fall in darker, more winter friendly colors. Faux fur vests are also being shown everywhere and come in every price range (stay tuned for a splurge vs steal!).

RT: Favorite thing about being a NYC parent?
MLR: There are so many great things in NYC to do with children. Museums, boat rides, restaurants, shows, you name it NYC has it.

RT: Least favorite things about being a NYC parent?
MLR: The lack of grass! Brooklyn is not known for its sprawling acreage. Sometimes it’s nice to dream about a house in the suburbs with a huge front lawn and even bigger backyard for a swing set.

RT: What are some of the ways your families kept busy during the summer?
MLR: A few things we love for summer: the swingset, the kids play on it all hours of the day. Whether its in their pj’s before camp or in their pj’s before bedtime. Another great activity is playdoh. Summer is a great time to use it, they can play outside and there is no need to worry about the mess it creates. We also love the Radio Flyer tricycle for the little ones. It’s a great tricycle and the kids can easily do it on their own. (Red Tricycle couldn’t agree more!)

Be sure to check out more from Mozelle, Lillie and Racquel at Little Kids.Big Style!


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