Two For Mum: Mother’s Day Brunch & Spa Combos

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It may seem like the biggest Mother’s Day cliché (next to corner deli flowers) but we’ve yet to meet an NYC mom who would be bummed about being treated to brunch on May 14th. But, in a city that’s teeming with brunch spots, it may feel impossible to pick just the right one. Not to worry. We did the taste-testing for you and, behold, our list of more than a dozen places the mom in your life will absolutely love. Bonus: We’ve paired each with a nearby spa: The ultimate Mother’s Day double feature!

For Classic & Decadent: Atlantic Grill Lincoln

Atlantic Grill, located in the shadow of Lincoln Center, and you’ll see why this has been a beloved brunch spot for 15 years. Any mom in your life will love the expansive menu that is featuring Mother’s Day specials including gulf shrimp eggs benedict, softshell crab BLT and steak and eggs as well as standard fare including sushi, deluxe egg dishes and oversized burgers or salads. Strollers welcome; reservations recommended. <strong>Chill: </strong>Stroll a few blocks uptown to <a target="_blank" href="">bluemercury store and spa</a> for some frivolous retail therapy and a treatment. Upgrade your situation with a brow trim and tint and ($55) and then buy yourself something nice! 49 West 64th St. 212-787-4663 Online: <a target="_blank" href=""></a&gt; <em>photo: Atlantic Grill<a target="_blank" href=""&gt; </a></em>fuck

Where you be eating (and relaxing) this Mother’s Day? Tell us in the comments below!

— Lambeth Hochwald