Just Opened: A Harry Potter-Themed Restaurant!

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Expecto Pastanum!  Are your wee wizards hung up on Harry Potter?  Then this new eatery in Williamsburg — dubbed Pasta Wiz —  will charm them.  (“Charm” them.  See what we did there?) 

pastawizinterior3 photo: Pasta Wiz

Not Exactly Official, But Still
While not affiliated the books or franchise, with a medieval decor straight out of Hogwarts and drinkable “potions” to order like “Almond Delectamentum” and “Forbidden Forest,” this new spot is built to delight both kids and adults while feeding them healthy, organic meals.  


Photo: Pasta Wiz

As Healthy as Harry
“Fast, Fresh, Organic” is
Pasta Wiz’s motto, and they specialize in produce-forward fare like vegetarian pasta, salads, juices and smoothies. Does your little one have food allergies?  They have gluten-free, vegan pasta made from konjac, a type of vegetable popular in Japan.  If you’re looking for health benefits, these noodles are low calorie and high in fiber, too.  Of course, they’ve got organic wheat spaghetti with beef “magic meatballs” and a seafood-based option to satisfy the omnivorous and traditionalist, plus create-your-own topping combinations for pasta and salads.  Finish up with desserts like crepes and ice cream, and lattes if you’re in need of a buzz.

Photo: Pasta Wiz

Faster Than A Nimbus 2000
There’s also an emphasis on serving the food quickly, which is great when your small fry is bordering on a hunger-induced meltdown.  Ordering is done on a tablet and before you can say “Destination, Determination and Deliberation,” it practically apparates before you on the sorting hat-topped counter (there is no table service.)  

The restaurant promises that dishes will arrive from the kitchen between three to five minutes after ordering, piping hot, so it’s like fast food with less guilt. With entrees priced at $8.95-$13.95, you won’t run out of gold galleons, either.

Photo: Pasta Wiz

Happy Birthday, Kid!  Yer a Wizard!
Pasta Wiz can also host your child’s birthday party (owls not included) or other events, too.  For example, a local meetup group is throwing celebration of Bulgaria with a “Friends of Victor Krum the Bulgariangathering.  Check out the calendar to see what’s happening and book your favorite sorcerer’s shindig. They also deliver locally if your magical offspring have a hankering for pasta.

Pasta Wiz
61 N. First St.
Online: pastawiz.com

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—Gretchen Kunz