Zoo Babies! Meet the Newest Lil’ Animals in NYC

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The babies have arrived! The Wildlife Conversation Society’s NYC zoos are filled with new little residents. Flip through the cute overload-inducing photo album below to find out where you and your children can spot an array of adorably photogenic baby animals this summer. We’ve got the scoop on the cutest and cuddliest on display now at each city zoo.

<h2>See a Baringo Giraffe Calf at the Bronx Zoo</h2> Who is 6 feet tall and already 100 pounds at birth? A sprightly giraffe calf, that's who! See the big baby who is causing lots of ooohs and ahhhs in the African Plains exhibit in the Bronx. <strong>Go:</strong> <a target="_blank" href="http://bronxzoo.com&quot; target="_blank">Bronx Zoo</a>, <span class="kno-fv _Nz">2300 Southern Blvd.</span> <strong>Admission: </strong>$16.95/adults, $12.95/kids <em>Photo Credit: Julie Larsen Maher</em> fuck


Have you spotted any baby animals in NYC this summer? Share your sightings in a Comment. 

–Jeff Bogle