What We’re Thankful For — NYC Parent Edition

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Don’t get us wrong: sure, being a parent in New York can have its, uh, hassles. But for every annoyance there are a dozen ways that raising a child in the city can be glorious fun. Packed playgrounds, neighborhood communities, the best museums and theater for kids — and fellow parents who will clue you in on how to make it work here with little ones. Click through to see just a few of the reasons why we here at Red Tricycle are thankful to be parenting in the Big Apple.

Yes, the MTA

I live in the middle of a barren land when it comes to kids' activities and we have no car... which makes me so thankful for the MTA  —with all its flaws and faults— for giving me and my kid access to everything that's happening in the rest of the city. I'm thankful that one day we can travel half an hour in one direction and end up at the beach or the aquarium, and another day we can go half an hour in the other direction and wind up in a beautiful park or at the zoo. That's one of the perks of living in NYC, and I love it!

— writer Yuliya Geikhman

photo: Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin via Flickr

Why are you thankful you’re raising a kid in NYC? Share your reason in the comments below!

 —Mimi O’Connor