7 Stroller Nap Tours In and Out of Brooklyn

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At some stage in your baby’s life, chances are you’ll be doing the stroller nap shuffle to get her to sleep. The nap in which you have to keep moving, outside, to ensure that your child doesn’t wake up. You could curse stroller naps and get stuck going on the same daily route, or make your walks an adventure instead. Try some of these tried and true stroller nap tours in and out of Brooklyn – captivating scenery for you and constant air temperature and white noise for the napper guaranteed.

<h3>Over the Brooklyn Bridge</h3> <p dir="ltr">You’ll spend a lot of time dodging and cursing at tourist and knick knack vendors, but this is still one of the best stroller nap tours. The view is spectacular, and leaves you either in Dumbo or the Financial District. If you walk INTO Brooklyn, take the first exit off the bridge (be warned, there are stairs) and continue on the Dumbo tour. If you walk OUT of Brooklyn, take a right and keep strolling through Chinatown and into SoHo, which you should reach just in time for lunch. Drop by <a target="_blank" href="http://georgetowncupcake.com">Georgetown Cupcake</a> (111 Mercer St.) for a treat to sustain your walking.</p>fuck

What NYC adventures do you have while your kid naps?  

Images courtesy of Christine Knight, Jonathan E and Anna A.

–Christine Knight