But Wait, There’s More: 10 More Must-See SummerStage Acts

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Part #1 of 10 Must-See SummerStage Acts (And Three to Avoid) took you through family friendly offerings up to July 27. But wait, you’re probably wondering, “What about the other half that runs until August 31?” Don’t worry, we’ve planned ahead and scoured the schedules to bring you Part 2 of the 10 Must-See SummerStage acts (and one that is definitely worth hiring a sitter for). This list of events are more than musical – there’s a magic show, a singing dinosaur and even a kid-friendly club for the short legs to get their jiggy on. With long days of beautiful sunlight and free, outdoor performances, this is just another reason to take your kids outside.

Tip: Be aware that most of the shows listed below play more than once and at a variety of venues.  For complete lists and times, visit: cityparksfoundation.org/calendar/

1. Queens Family Day on July 29
Taking place from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm when the worst of the heat is over, meaning your previously lethargic kids are just getting their second wind, Queens Family Day features a music-making workshop for people of all ages.  But it will, most likely, appeal to those who particularly enjoy using recycled materials like (clean) tin cans, sticks, newspapers and plastic soda bottles to make said music.  Also on the agenda, storytelling, a juggler and a family dance party!

2. Shine and the Moonbeams on July 30
All kids naturally have soul.  Just listen to them suffer in response to that most dreadful of all words: No.  Luckily, when it comes to a concert of classic soul music re-arranged especially for kids, feel free to say Yes!  This show is recommended specifically for pre-schoolers.  Like they need more to wail about.

3. Lucky Bob: Magic Juggling Comedy on July 30
How many times have you prompted your child, “Use your words, tell me what you want, I can’t read your mind?”  Have no fear, Lucky Bob can!  In addition to juggling hats, stacking boxes, and balancing objects on his face, Lucky Bob promises to probe your little one’s cranium and expose their deepest, darkest thoughts.  Or maybe answer the question: Just what is so mesmerizing about Elmo?

4. Rockosaurus Rex on July 31
If this award-winning dinosaur can put on a shag carpet prehistoric suit and come rock out in the middle of the day in the middle of the summer, the least you can do is come out to hear him (and his human partner, who will presumably be wearing shorts) sing about the joys of reading for one and all.

5. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo on August 2
You’ve heard of Hip-Hop?  Well, Agent 23 Skidoo just happens to be the King of Kid-Hop.  He wants to pump some funk through your speakers, jam packed with fresh beats and tight rhymes from the one and only MC Fireworks.  Who may or may not be a purple elephant.  Find out and let us know.

6. Little Club Heads on August 3
You’re never too young to go clubbing!  Well, actually you are, by law.  Luckily, tots not quite tall enough to slide their fake I.D.s over the bar can take heart in knowing there’s a club scene just for them.  From age 12 months to 10 years, kids can get down and groove to their very own dance party – parents optional!

7. Coastal Classroom Family Day on August 4
What’s more fun than wading knee-deep into Long Island Sound?  Convincing your parents that you’re getting soaked and filthy strictly for educational purposes.  Budding naturalists ages eight and up are invited to get up close and personal with NYC’s waterfront.  Anyone under the age of eighteen must have an adult with them.  Which means parents have an excuse to get wet and dirty, too.

8. Abada Capoeira on August 7
It’s a dance!  It’s a battle!  It’s an art!  It’s a discipline!  It’s capoeira.  It’s all of the above.  Edna Lima, the world’s first female Capoeira Master takes the stage to demonstrate fitness, control, grace, and girl power – that’s perfect for their brothers, too.

9. Meta Quintet on August 8
This introduction to the basic tenants of jazz may be geared towards kids, but parents could use a course in this uniquely American art form, too.  Meta Quintet explores the role and responsibility of each individual member of a jazz ensemble and how they all must work together to serve and achieve the collective goal of making great music.  Or, you know, pretty much anything else.

10. Uptown Dance Company on August 10
Kids dancing for kids is always a hit.  And these are kids straight from the neighborhood, boys and girls from East Harlem who perform their own unique blend of ballet en pointe mixed with jazz and acrobatics.  An added bonus is if your kids really love it, you can sign them up to take lessons at: uptowndanceacademy.com

To definitely hire that sitter:

The Upright Citizens Brigade Presents the All Stars of Improv on August 19
The Upright Citizens Brigade is hilarious.  The Upright Citizens Brigade is topical.  The Upright Citizens Brigade has alumni performing on TV’s Saturday Night Live, The Office, and Parks & Rec.  The Upright Citizens Brigade will do two acts of completely original, completely improvised, completely interactive comedy just for you.  The Upright Citizens Brigade is not appropriate for children.

What Summerstage festivities have you and your family enjoyed? Any tips for brining kids to these fun events? 

— Alina Adams


Photo courtesy of avlxyzedgygrrrl, Batara via flickr.