Just Opened: A Natural Playground in Prospect Park

Prospect Park’s newest playground doesn’t have swings, slides or a jungle gym, but your kids won’t miss the traditional equipiment. Instead, this playground offers plenty of good ol’ fashioned play-in-the-woods kind of fun. The just opened, Donald and Barbara Zucker Natural Exploration Area is a unique park play space filled with recycled logs to climb, paths to explore, sand to sift and even a water feature. Click through the following slideshow to see highlights of the innovative Prospect Park Natural Playground.

What You'll Find at the Natural Exploration Area

No plastic or metal playground equipment, or squishy foam ground cover is found here. Instead, wood chips, sand and grass cover the ground. Carved out logs that represent chairs seem to be as exciting for kids to sit on as thrones. Hollowed out tree stumps provide spaces for kids to run and crawl through. While some areas offer opportunities to move large sticks or boulder-like hunks of carved wood, others look like a scene out of a woodland fairy picture book ready for an afternoon of pretend play. No matter what your child gravitates to first, the setup is bound to have your little one exploring in seconds.

— Julie Seguss

All photos by Julie Seguss


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