Calling All Ninjas! Ninjago World Opens at LEGOLAND

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If your little ninja likes to karate chop all his LEGO towers, he’ll be in “hi-ya!” heaven at Ninjago World, LEGOLAND California’s newest attraction based on the popular TV show and LEGO toy series. The new land centers around a state-of-the-art 4D dark ride that puts little ones right into the action—letting them test their skills and blast down legions of Lego villains. Time to put little crime fighters to work this summer!

photo: Sandy Huffaker/LEGOLAND

Before You Ride, You Must Train
You didn’t think your little warrior could just walk up and start spitting out fireballs just like that, did you? Aspiring “spinjitzu” masters should test their skills at four designated “training” stations before hopping into the 4D battle ground.

legoland2photo: Melissa Heckscher

  • Cole’s Rock Climb Challenge: Build strength and focus at this kid-sized bouldering wall; no harness needed.
  • Zane’s Temple Build: Put your focus to the test by creating LEGO models inspired by Ninjago. 
  • Kai’s Spinners: Test your dizziness threshold on these playground-style disks. Remember, to practice Spinjitzu, you’ve got to spin!
  • Jay’s Lightning Drill: Are you lightning-fast? Test your reflexes as you race to push lit-up buttons on this whack-a-mole style training exercise.


photo: Melissa Heckscher

Now You Can Ride!
All trained and ready to go? Step inside the giant Asian-inspired pagoda, snake through the inevitably long line, and get ready to knock the Lego heads off the bad guys. Thanks to cutting edge 4D gaming technology, you’ll feel the wind, heat and smoke as you use only hand gestures (Yay! No germ-laden triggers to pull!) to throw fireballs, shockwaves, ice and lightning at a series of immersive images.

Your four-person vehicle will take you through a series of training exercises during which you’ll get the hang of your new “powers.” (Hint: Use both hands and you’ll rack up more points). Then, just when your arms begin to get tired, you’ll head into battle—a nonstop fire and ice-spewing shootout that culminates in a massive final battle scene.

Now remember, young ninja, this is no time to be lazy. Your scores will be displayed both in the vehicle and on monitors outside the ride for all to see (right beside an inevitably laughable picture of you and your kiddos hand-gesturing your hearts out).

Smaller ninjas are welcome to ride, but spinmasters under 48” must ride with an adult. And, since there is violence (i.e. a lot of LEGO bad guys get reduced to piles of colored bricks), the ride is probably best suited for kids ages 4 & up.


ninja-kitchenphoto: Legoland California

Eat Like a Ninja
Hand-shooting fireballs is hard work. Hungry Spinjitzu masters can test their adventurous eating skills at the Ninja Kitchen, where the menu includes Bánh Mì Vietnamese sandwiches filled with crispy pork belly, lemongrass chicken or baked sweet chili tofu. (Parents of picky eaters, take note.  Your kids may prefer the all-American Burger Stop, located next to the Driving School.)

legoland5photo: Melissa Heckscher

Admission to Ninjago World is included with your LEGOLAND admission.  Check the website for daily hours and rates (and specials!).

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What’s your favorite part of a visit to LEGOLAND?  We’d love to hear about your ninja skills (what’s your high score?) in the comment section!

—Melissa Heckscher