No, My Baby Does Not Have Colic.

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There goes the doctors favorite word to throw around while diagnosing babies, colic. Being a mother of two, I can definitely rule out different cries, I mean come on I’m an expert now basically. NOT.

I have two precious boys, and I became a mother at nineteen years young. Kaiden made me a mother, he’s now three years old and has taught me a lot about my life and about how to be a mother. When Kaiden was a baby, he was diagnosed with acid reflux. Nothing serious to the doctors since he was gaining weight. 

BUT, what about the pain my baby was going through? Sure, he’s gaining weight fine, I had no idea how when it seriously  looked like he was throwing up ounces at a time. Luckily, after changing formula six times, yes six times, and finding the right medication he grew out of his acid reflux at four months old.

Fast forward two years, and we are ready to have another baby. After trying and trying, we stopped trying and trusted God’s timing. Next thing you know, those two lines popped up on my pregnancy test. 39 weeks later I was induced to give birth to our second precious baby boy Kylan. All of the sudden, things took a turn for the worst.

As I was getting discharged the pediatric hospitalist came in and proceeded to tell me that I was being discharged, but Kylan was not. I was in shock. “Why, is he okay, he had been fine the first two nights at the hospital!” Kylan ended up having blood in his stool, and the doctors had no answers as to why. Finally after a numerous amount of doctor visits and formula changes, my sweet baby ended up having MSPI (Milk Soy Protein Intolerance).

That’s not all though. Kylan was screaming, throwing up, arching his back, and covering himself and me in vomit after every single bottle. My baby was in PAIN.

I made the first available appointment for that very next day. Here we go again… “Your baby is gaining weight just fine. He has colic, and it will pass eventually.” We left, tears streaming down my face, I knew my baby was in pain and he did not have colic. After more doctor visits, they finally put Kylan on acid reflux medication- Zantac, an H2 blocker that your baby grows up a tolerance towards.

So here we go, more pain. Sleepless nights, and a screaming baby that only wants to be held and cuddled. Medication was changed again to a PPI (Proton Pumps Inhibitors). With babies though, they need their PPI more than once a day and until they are on the right dosage, they will continue to be in pain and go through the dreaded a”acid battle.” 

Yes, the acid battle is real, and it’s total HELL. You don’t know what to do anymore, you feel useless, hopeless, and worst of all like you’re failing your baby as their mother. A mother who is supposed to protect them, and do their best to keep them out of harms way. I felt like I was going crazy. Until one day I found a support group on Facebook for infants with acid reflux, and other mothers going through the same exact things I was going through with Kylan. Dr. Jeffrey Phillips who was an administrator on the Facebook group had invented TCM (Tummy Care Max) which makes PPIS immediate release instead of having to wait 45 minutes after giving the baby their medicine to give your baby a bottle.

I also discovered Marci Kids Dosing, which goes by the age and weight of your baby to determine how many milligrams to give your baby and also how many times per day. This truly was a life saver. I researched and researched some more before taking the leap and getting Tummy Care Max, and the amazing thing is that it’s safe for MSPI babies like my sweet Kylan as well!

After starting new medication, and giving Kylan the right dosage backed by science, he became a totally different baby. Kylan smiles, laughs, holds his head up, and rolled over from front to back for the first time! My message to all moms and all parents out there is to follow your parenting instincts. Don’t ever feel crazy for thinking something is wrong with your baby when you have that gut wrenching feeling that something isn’t right. Colic is diagnosed daily by pediatricians when later on the true problem is acid reflux, and when not treated your baby can be in severe pain. Don’t ever settle with answers you don’t be feel comfortable with.


So they deserve to be well taken care of and not in pain. So sweet mama or daddy reading this, I hope you stand up and fight for your precious babies. I fought so extremely hard, and I wanted to give up at times, but guess what!?

 I WON, ME AND KYLAN DEFEATED THIS ACID BATTLE. Much love to all the parents going through health conditions with their precious babies, and even though I don’t know you, I’m praying for you. God Bless.