Nothing Beats A Kid-Made Valentine’s Day Card

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With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, kids are determined to bring out all the feels. While some kid-made cards are filled with love and joy, others have a bit of a different feel.


Does this kid know something his parents do not? His mom may want to sleep with one eye open.


Keeping you kids alive can be a lot harder than it seems.


My first thought upon receiving this would have been PLEASE tell me my kid did not show this to his teachers.


We have to like the absence of color here: straight to the point.


Yeah, happy Valentine’s “sweaty” mommy.


Ummmmm…. thank you?


One of these things is not quite like the others.


Quit eating mommy’s snacks, dads!


There’s a really good chance she heard that line somewhere (dad).


This kiddo nailed his parents traits down to a science.

Kids really do say the darnedest things. These cards make you question why we ever teach them to communicate in the first place!

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