Classic Scoops: The Best Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Parlors

The 1950’s were all about good, old-fashioned American fun. It was poodle skirts, lettered jackets and meeting up at the neighborhood ice cream parlors. Half a century later, these chill meet-up spots are thankfully still aplenty and open to make your sweet tooth’s whipped cream dreams come true. Get ready for a spoonful of nostalgia as your flip through the coolest spots for serving up retro root beer floats and vintage vanilla sundaes in America.

Sloan’s – San Diego, Ca

With a slogan “where fantasy becomes reality”, Sloan’s is truly ice cream utopia. The decor is Willy Wonka meets Disney with over the top pink walls, twinkling chandeliers, moving trains and a magical glass bathroom. While the setting is a wonderland, your kid’s eyes will truly light up after they get a spoonful of Sloan’s ice cream. Additional locations throughout Florida.

Insider Scoop: Not all bathrooms are created equal and the one at Sloan’s proves it. Their unique bathroom has received national attention. Check it here. Just don't forget to lock the door!


Photo courtesy of Sloan’s Ice Cream

Do you have a favorite old-fashioned style ice cream spot? Share with us in a Comment below!

— Aimee Della Bitta


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