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Is your parenting life not always the perfectly curated love fest that Instagram says it should be? To remind you that you’re not alone, co-hosts of the comedy podcast One Bad Mother, Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn share their hilariously real (and positive) take on motherhood. They believe there are enough ways for parents to feel bad about themselves and their parenting, and they’re here to prove otherwise. Between their podcast and their newly released book, “You’re Doing a Great Job!: 100 Ways You Are Winning at Parenting“, you can expect that yes, despite it all, you’re doing a great job at parenting!

Who Are These Bad Mothas?
Biz Ellis lives in Pasadena, California, with her husband and two children. Theresa Thorn lives in Los Angeles with her husband, three children, and two dogs. Together, this duo has developed a cult-like following to their comedy podcast about motherhood and how unnatural it sometimes is. Red Tricycle had the opportunity to meet these two incredible mothers at a live recording of their hit podcast One Bad Mother, at the Independent in San Francisco.

How It Happened
After Biz had her first born (about seven years ago), she felt as if everything she was reading and/or coming across was about this magical parenting life. Biz wasn’t really having that experience and was having a hard time adapting to what ‘mom‘ was. So one day her husband made her a t-shirt that said: “One Bad Mother” and this small, loving gesture made her feel cool again. Over time they talked about how this would be a good show, and her husband suggested doing a podcast. A couple years later they moved from NY to LA. Her husband knew Theresa’s husband and both thought the wives should meet. So, one day Biz and Theresa met on a blind date at the park. And decided to go into business with each other doing the podcast. And have since built an incredible friendship. Tale as old as time, right?

Originally, their biggest motivation for doing the podcast show (which has now been around for over four years), was to put something cool out there that allowed parents to identify with something they weren’t embarrassed about. Think: something to listen to on the subway. Now that they’ve morphed into this having this incredible and open community, they [parents of their community] say they feel less alone because of the show, and that they feel more normal when hearing other people call into the show. To have a platform to talk about things that are hard, and still feel good about parenting, that’s what motivates Biz and Theresa to keep it going. They also just really love hanging out with each other.

Guests: From Celebs to You
Now, if you haven’t tuned into their show, Biz is loud, calls it how she sees it, and has a sharp sense of humor. While Theresa is a bit more reserved in her demeanor but never lacking in the humor department. One Bad Mother features diverse guests, and Drew Barrymore and Amy Poehler, if you’re reading, Biz and Theresa would love to have you on the show! They also share fan calls into the show, which include: parent wins (“genius moments”) and failures, and caller rants that are often hilarious, but can sometimes leave you crying.

The best thing about One Bad Mother, is that they are inclusive of ALL families. Adoptive families, same-sex couples, and single parents. There is relatable inspiration for anyone who has made the decision to be a parent. Biz and Theresa talk about what is hard for them as parents, and share these experiences, including everything from rules around gum chewing, to raising a transgender child, and anything in between. There are no limits to what they are willing to share. They are always really respectful about guests, a family’s set up, and the different ways or experience of parenting. It’s no wonder thousands have fallen in love with the duo.

The UN Parenting Book
As for their new book, Biz and Theresa “wanted a book that didn’t make people feel like sh*t for being a parent“. Thank you! They also really wanted it to be inclusive, and so they tried to write in a way that it didn’t matter how you got your kid. The hilarious parenting guide You’re Doing a Great Job!: 100 Ways You Are Winning at Parenting” (Hardcover $17.95) is a refreshing take on real life parenting. You can expect laugh-out-loud affirmations that remind you, yes, you are doing a GREAT JOB as a parent! And that the weirdest things you find yourself doing are actually totally normal.

You’re Doing a Great Job! is the perfect gift for baby showers, new parents, seasoned parents, and certainly for yourself. The book is hilarious, heartfelt and uplifting. And 100% spot on about the highs and lows of parenting. For parents who need a pick me up in between pages, pop the headphones in and let One Bad Mother remind you, you’re doing a great job!

Tell us which podcasts you’re loving these days in the comments below! 

–Jennifer Yco

All photos courtesy of One Bad Mother



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